Smart plug with power monitoring for the U.S

I’ve been trying to find a smart plug for the U.S. that has power monitoring and is supported by Homey…anyone have one they know works with homey and can make flows with the current power draw?

@Rob_Burke, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi?

@Mikkel_Kuster, I don’t own any TP-Link Kasa Smart devices so I don’t absolutely know if they support power monitoring. But what I noticed none of the supported smart plugs have corresponding flow cards.
Flow cards for power monitoring are usually standard flow cards which are displayed in the App Store, like these here:

Just wanted to mention that.

None of the app’s flow cards show power monitoring capabilities, do you have one and it’s showing power consumptiong in the app?

Yeah that’s what I’m running in to, I can’t seem to find any supporting evidence there’s power monitoring plugs for the U.S., was hoping someone can speak from experience on a plug they use.

No, dont have one sorry - found it here The best smart plugs in 2023 | Tom's Guide

There are probably a few plugs for the U.S. which are also supported by Homey, but you didn’t answered my question: Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi?
It makes it easier to search for it if you know which radio protocol is needed.

Sorry, didn’t notice the original ask. I’m not married to any radio, I have a mash of Zigbee, z-wave, and wi-fi in my home.

Shelly Plus Plug US

Fibaro Wall Plug US
Aeotec Smart Switch 7 US

Xiaomi Smart Socket Plug (ZNCZ02LM / lumi.plug)Aqara App

Even though I made a lot of effort, please check again yourself, e.g. in the corresponding threads or by the app developers, if these plugs are actually supported. Because I live in Germany, I have of course no own experience.

Currently not Supported
Aqara Smart Plug (US)
Innr Smart Plug 15A US (SP 234)

Both plugs are currently not supported by Homey. But you could ask the app developers if they can add these devices.

Appreciate it @DirkG, looks like the Shelly device is the most cost-effective.