Xiaomi Aqara Smart Plug (EU) not monitoring energy?


I recently added a Aqara Smart Plug (EU) with energy monitoring built in to my Homey Pro. However I cant seem to get the thing to present energy and power consumption in the Homey App…
It works just fine to turn on and off, I have the icons for energy & power and i can great flows with functions from energy and power monitoring.

But the values are stuck at 0 all the time. What am i missing?

Please use the support links, present at the bottom of the app page

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Hi KingKoan!

I have the same problem. Did you solve this? If yes, how?


For me the same problem, Smartplug(EU) installed and all values are zero.

Go to https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/zigbee and ‘interview’ the plug.
Sometimes that fixes some features/capabilities, or adds missing features/capabilities.

it should work now as Homey zigbee device on a Pro 2023 with firmware v10.1.0

To pair it as Homey zigbee device:

  • Make printscreens of the flows the plug is used in
  • Delete the device from Homey 2023
  • Disable the Aqara app
  • Add a new device
    • Select ‘Homey’ > ‘zigbee’
  • Put plug into pair mode

When paired, it’ll say “Added as unknown zigbee device” or something like it.
Now turn it on with a power using device plugged in.

When you go to the device settings, it should show the power values

Repair the flows

There’s a chance though, it will be added to the Aqara app again