Best power plug to measure energy usage

Hi all

I’m wondering. I want to be able to read my power usage (base flows on it(when usage is over *** then turn on ***.))
What plug would be best to go for? Price quality wise as wells homey functionality.


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Not sure what is good, what I do know is

Fibaro Dual Switch 2 is no good.
Athom have decide to no longer support wemo this month, and it bare works on the old app.
tpLink Insights loose wifi very easily.

Let me know if you find one which works well.

PS. Ive moved this post to the questions forum.

I use the TKB HOME TZ69e
Works reliable and has done for years

I have several Aeotec Smart Switch 6.
They report power well and fast, plus they make a good z-wave repeaters.

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Have several Neo coolcams and they also do their work as expected.

If you have Zigbee coverage in your place, I can recommend the Innr SP-120 plugs. I have 7 of them and they do not give any issues. Pricewise, at around €25/piece, they cannot be beaten by Zwave plugs.

Can’t find them
Can you send a link

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I am using a Shelly 2 roller shutter (€20), a wifi based device. It measures energy consumption, I can see the spike in insights. And yes you can trigger a flow with it, tried that.
There is also a Shelly 1PM (€15)

Found them :wink:

(Buy a 2-pack, saves you some money)

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Here’s a list of Dutch webshops that sell them:

Or the double packs:

Or on

I have 3 innr SP120 plugs and they work great.
Powermetering is available when you connect them with the innr app to Homey and that works perfect and stable.
When you connect them with the Hue bridge they have no powermetering.

I have 2 BlitzWolf power plugs. They are dirt-cheap (± € 15,00 from China) and well built. There’s no Homey app for it (yet) but they should also work with Tasmato firmware and therefor with Homey.

Thank you all for the comments. I for now went with the innr one. I liek to supprot a dutch company as well :slight_smile: Thank you all again! :slight_smile:

Are you sure? I don’t read it on the internet… :S

He means that you have to connect the Innr SP120 directly to your Homey to make full use of them in Homey flows.

It is possible to connect them to a Philips Hue bridge as well, but powermetering flows will not work.

I have my Innr SP120’s coupled directly to Homey via the Innr app.

I bought one in Mediamarkt last week, so next to webshops there are also a few normal shops that sell them.

Yep, that’s what i meant…
What i also like about the SP120 plugs is that they are very small.

Perfect! I ordered it. Coming tomorrow! Thank you all again!! :*

@victoroos Enjoy your innr wall plugs!

They caught my attention as well, those BlitzWolf/Gosund/Teckin/Jisusu (and what have you) devices.
Do you have the BlitzWolf BW-SHP6 ? :

(or Jisusu or Gosund sp111)
All small and with power meter. To use them properly it is more or less required to flash them with Tasmota, that is a bit of a hassle but once done you never have to do it again.

What I find surprising is that all of them, Innr included have all a fair amount of 1 star reviews (on amazon: ) of people that have got faulty items or have gone belly up within months.
I don’t know what to make of that. Is that just something that is normal in these days?
All part of the game and dont make a big deal of it?

In other words, how do you know what is a good quality product?

If you want Z-wave plugs, the Coolcams are the cheapest if you buy them in a 4-pack from the Official Coolcam store at AliExpress. Normally they will go around €75,- per four and even cheaper when on sale (which they are regularly). At this moment they are on sale and the price is €70,86 for a four pack.
But if you specifically want Zigbee plugs, then the Innr are the cheapest for quality.

Would zwave or zigbee matter? I have both protocols at home.