Does the osram plugs measure power?

Anybody know this ??

No, they don’t!
If it should be Zigbee, i can recommend the INNR plugs.

ZigBee zwav does not matter.
As long as they measure power but the innr power plugs are rated for 10 amps.
And I want a full group wattage so 16 amps.


Shelly plug S

The max. load of the Shelly Plug S is 2500W. That’s only 10A.
@Snippem is looking for 16A plugs.

Thanks for all the answers I wanted 16 amps because I am going to use them for a washing machine and dryer.
But after studying my washer and my heat pump dryer a innr plug is capable for this task.
The washing machine takes 2100 watts of the net and the innr plug is rated for 10 amps ( 2300 watts)
Orderd 2 innr plugs