Power plugs - mostly flimsy

I have a mix of external z-wave power plugs, built-in z-wave switches, and some Zigbee power plugs. About 30 in total, with most being z-wave. The built-in z-wave switches are performing great, about 6 Nexa branded z-wave ones using the Everspring app and about 5 NEO Coolcam, single and doubles, built-in z-wave switches. All the those switches have performed flawless for two years.

Then there are the power plugs; 3 Telldus z-wave, and 15 NEO Coolcam power-plugs and 3 Everspring dimmer plugs. The power plugs give me all the problems; Telldus and Coolcam need frequently to be unplugged and replugged to get back on the network.

I have recently added two IKEA power plugs, and after removing them from the IKEA hub and using them on the Hue bridge/hub, they appears to be stable - no issue so far.

Is there a reason for the poor performance of the z-wave plugs? Have someone found some rather small power plugs with no issues?

I use the innr SP120 plugs, they are zigbee, and very small.
When using them with the innr app u get power metering also, or connect them to a Hue bridge if you don’t need power metering.
But most important, they never failed once for me.
I use 5 for about 6 months now, just perfect!

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Innr SP120 Fan here also. Using 8 of them, most reliable devices of my setup, no failures ever. About to order some more.