One smart plug

Hi. I have a couple of INNR sp222 smart plugs. Any idea how to get the power meter working? This functionality is not working, the switch is extremely responsive.

I added it through the app so not sure why it’s not working.

I don’t have the INNR bridge, but I thought the whole reason for Homey was to avoid having a bridge for every product brand.

It does not support showing the power consumption. It is just a on/off plug.

It’s an updated version of the sp122 is it not?

I just checked the product page and clearly states this functionality works with any Zigbee compatible bridge. I dropped a support email to INNR.

Overall it’s a great product, well made a quite small.

I’m replacing all of my WIFIPLUG smart sockets, which are as flakey as hell AND one of them started to melt!!! The load on it was only ~900w for a small heater running 45minutes a few times a day. And their support is rubbish.