INNR SP240 smart plug

I received a message from INNR that the new SP240 smart plug with energy monitoring in a short time will be supported in the Homey INNR app.


@Jacques_Derks Did they give you an indication of ‘when’?

It is already fixed in the last update.

@Jacques_Derks Interesting. It still has the version .22 in the store. I see .23 and .24 (test) are also mentioned, but they are not installed. How did you do that?

In INNR experimental v2.1.24 you can choose for the SP 240 plug.

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Yes, that is a bit strange. It seems .23 was not released yet, or maybe pulled back. You can install the .24 experimental version from here: INNR | Homey

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Just installed and tested .24 with the SP240.

Noticed the kWh meter going up really fast.
Just been doing some testing on heating, couple of minutes maybe 10 max and already ‘burned’ 11 kWh.

I will collect more numbers tomorrow morning.

Maybe an identical issue as mentioned here: [BUG] INNR SP 240 "summation delivered" kWh value is 100x expected value · Issue #2781 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub

I have two sp240 here and connected them to Homey. The Innr app is installed and I can controll them through Homey. Nevertheless, the power consumption measurement seems not to work with both sp240. One is showing constantly 1W, the other 0W. Connectig them to a toaster to be sure that there should be a significant measurement, no changes to be seen. Is the measurement in real time? Also in Insights there is no change of the data measured. I have no Innr bridge and the sp240 are connected using the Innr app c2.1.25 on a Homey Pro 2023 with the latest firmware. Did anybody get proper readings from the sp240?

I have installed the latest version (experimental). The plugs are connected to Homey Pro 2019. I can turn them on/off but do not see any other information.


I got two more SP240 and I have with these, again, the same issue. I’ve reset the Zigbee network, added them again, initiated an “interview” of the device via the developer tools but the situation hasn’t improved. :frowning:

I seem to have the same issue recently, runing test version 2.1.26.
1 of the 6 plugs never seems to have reported anything. I only noticed that because there’s only a Christmas tree light on it.
But since a couple of hours (actually probably after unplugging and replugging it) another one stopped reporting.
Switching on-off is not a problem, only the power reporting.

Hi all, same here, just bought 2 SP240 from INNR. I can integrate them to Homey Pro 23 via the INNr-App. I can switch them on/off but they dont show any consumption values.

I am running the latest Homey-FW:10.2.0 and INNR-App::2.1.25

I have run a diagnostic on the INNR-App and notified the developer. If anybody has an update, please share. I will keep you posted on any feedback from INNR.

Kimd Regards,

Thank you. Are the SP240 switches work after a Homey reboot? I get a ZigBee error and the switches are not working. Nevertheless, they seem to be active in the ZigBee network as they respond to a ping in the developer interface.

I did not have to reboot my homey.

Hi all, I had a good back and forth of information with Martin, who supports the app: Here is a quick summary of the current status: I keep you informed about further information

Hi there,

a few things that come in mind:

  1. The first device in the list and therefore the first device you added is a end device. That could lead towards some issues as the device count grows. The routing can become an issue.
  2. More like a question: you mention 2.1.2 Did you mis the lat number? Current version is 2.1.25 for production and 2.1.26 fot test. The latter does include some code fixes to resolve some error handling
  3. You did not use an earlier version of the app? Because in the early versions there was an issue reporting the power usage.If you did so, you cab only repair it, if that option is available, or remove the device and include it again.
  4. There is currently an issue that is under investigation at technical support at INNR, where the sp 240 lose their binding after they got cut from power shortly. After that they don’t report any power usage any more. In that case you have to remove the device from Homey and include it again. Could be a firmware issue within the plugs, but I’.m awaiting a solution/feedback from INN

Hi all, I have switched to the Test-Version of the INNR-App, deleted the two SP240s and re-added them.

Now they do deliver the usage data. I keep an eye on it and let you know, if something new happens.



I got the same problems with the SP240’s. Bought 3 or them for different devices. With app version 26 (experimental) they first gave their energy values but after unplugging and pluggin them in they lost the capability of sending the energy values. They do still switch on and off. Also checked the Zigbee network. They do show up but somehow dont show a route. Don’t know if this is a known problem or just me…

Hope this is fixable.

I had the chance to check the SP240 in my network today with the new INNR app version 2.1.26. It seems to work much better now. I get consumption readings and a reboot of my Homey did not made them loose functionality. A big step forward, but I will have an eye on the reliability.

JT, What happens if you unplug (i.e. Power failure) the SP240 and plug in again? I’m using INNR app vs 2.1.26 but still losing the Power readings. Repair of the SP 240 brings the reading back, but is still an ongoing issue. The turn off and turn on switch function of the SP240 is Okay, but reading of the Power consumption is unreliable.