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Anyone managed to connect the Innr SP-120 to Homey?

Hi there,

I was curious to find out what energy consumption my fridge has, or other devices for that matter.
So I bought the Innr Smart Plug SP-120, which connects fine to my Philips Hue system via the Hue app.
(I actually don’t know why I did that. I don’t want to control this plug via the Hue app since I don’t want to switch the fridge on/off… I guess I merely connected it to Hue because I could.)

On Homey, I installed the Innr app v.1.1.0
But when I try to add the SP-120 on the Devices-page, Homey doesn’t see the device and will not add it.
Has anyone managed to connect the Innr SP-120 to Homey and if so, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks all!

Hi Ron,
Yes, I did yesterday. No problem at all… maybe unpair it from the Hue bridge first?