Wifi Plug with energy measurement

I‘m looking for a WiFi plug with higher power (for a washing maschine) and energy / Power measurement. Any recommendations?


Maybe start with telling how high it must be, or should we guess how much your washing machine is using?

And what option you already looked at, and did not have the right values for you?

Sorry, but maybe you watch out for your tone a bit. Quite rude honestly.

It should be at least 2500 W. Haven’t looked at anything yet, and I’m asking if there is someone who can recommend something.




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So you ask an open question without detailed information and without doing some research yourself, expect us to spend time to give an adequate and suitable answer and then call someone who takes that time and asks for that vital information rude? I’m lost…


It’s the tone that makes the music… :roll_eyes:

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Well, I felt the reply was not the friendliest. Anyhow, maybe it’s just a misinterpretation on my side and as most of us are not English native speakers here, we might not be the best in phrasing things in the perfect tone. :wink:

To the topic: This one here (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B017X72IES/) says it can measure energy, I do own it, however no such data is visible in Homey.


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And with what app u connected the Tp-link plug?


I used TP-Link Smart Devices (from Anne Baretta)


Well, then it should report power according the app store details.

Lets say 99 % of the forum users are adults, so come on… there is nobody died here. There was for sure no intention to be rude. And after reading it again, it is direct yup…that there are people think thats rude…… dont blame me.

So indeed back to topic.

Found the TP LINK app topic there are people wich saying its works, but sadly there also wich have them and its not working. Maybe could take a look there and get some ideas/tricks.

I dont own them so cant really tell you.

:grinning: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :grinning:

There are two TP-Link plugs: HS100 en HS110, one is without energy (and cheaper), other one with energy (and more expensive).

Look on Shelly products. Fully supported by app for Homey, can be controlled directly (own web server) and with power up to 3500w

Thanks for the hint, did not know they do plugs as well. Ordered it, let’s see if it does the job.


I’ve got a few (Shelly plugs) and they work perfectly. Both the regular ones with led ring as well as the 16a plug. Both measure energy.

If you’re looking for zwave stuff: qubino has 16a zwave plus plugs that also measure energy.

I got the Shelly plug yesterday. Works perfectly and reliable. Peak power consumption of my washing maschine is about 2100 W so there is still plenty of room.


I use the Fritz Plugs for my washing Maschine and my tumbler. Works fine