Homey Energy Chains

I have the possibility to get data directly from my Kamstrup Power Metering.
But if I add it to Homey, the energy tab will just show it as a unit along side everything under it.

Meaning that if I use 1500W on all my units, it will also show 1500W for the Kamstrup Power Meter.
So now total is showing as 3000W.

I would love if I could point out that Kamstrup was a parent/house, and if Kamstrup is 1650W and Homey knows 1200W on the active devices, it would be able to show an unknown group on the missing 450W

Or if I have 3 shelly plug s, one in the outlet and then having a socketline afterward where i have the 2 others in. that i could mark the outlet shelly as parent to the 2 others.

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I have exactly the same question related to the Shelly Pro line of energy meters. Any updates?

I have a Kamstrup myself. How do add it to homey? Any wifi module or so for communication?
Any app?


No update yet. :frowning:
I have changed my app for meter to only show the unknown watts, by checking all other devices energy and substract them from Kamstrups total.

Hi Nygren

I made one myself with an esp8266.

But i will suggest to look at Pow-K+ (Kamstrup) for a more ready to use product.

//EDIT: Check up with you energy distributor before buying anything, not all have an updated Kamstrup. If they use encryption aswell you need them to provide 1 to 2 descryptionkeys, I needed 2 myself.
And I payed 230 danish kroner for having a technician coming out and update my house meter.

Thanks for info. I will check out the Pow-K module.

Just keeping the topic alive. As Googus said already, Homey really should have a functionality where one energy meter can be configured as being included in another energy meter.

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