Shelly Pro 3EM false energy readings

Has anyone else observed following? The Shelly Pro 3EM energy measurement device reports buggy values to Homey. From Shelly’s app everything seems to be normal, but in Homey the “Energy” parameter fluctuates between kWh and Wh. That is, the device shows occasionally 1000-folds too big values. Attached is an Insights plot from the device. The same erroneous fluctuation occurs with the two other Homey Devices of that same Pro 3EM.

The Total Energy -parameter that sums up the three Energy-readings seems to work properly. But for some reason I am unable to use that value in e.g. Power by the Hour -app.

Another thing related to the same device: It seems to be impossible to configure the Shelly Pro 3EM as the smart meter of the whole home. This renders the Energy -section of the Homey unusable. Does anyone know a workaround for this?

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