Smart energy plug that can monitor max 230V/16A

I use a Fibaro energy plug to monitor my Wash-dryer. But that energy plug can only support max. 2500W. The wash-dryer stays nicely within that limitation.
But my washing machine goes over that at the start of the washing process in the first minute (Miele). Are there any energy plugs that can measure max 230V/16A and are supported by Homey?
I some some advertising from plugs from TP-Link. But they work with Wifi and I guess that will not work with my Homey Pro (2019)

Homewizzard plugs are supporting 16a 3600 watt
Home energy app is supprted by homey and works well

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

Why do you think wifi devices will not work? You can check the app store:

HS110 can measure up to 16A

Or this Shelly

Blitzwolff SP-13 zigbee and cheap

Aeotec Smart Switch 6, EU Version/Z-Wave (End of life)