SmartPlug energy usage for actions flows HomeyPro

Hi, I am looking for a verry small SmartPlug that can read life energy usage
and can use that to check if the device behind it is switch off or on and a flow can set an action to follow.

Anyone experience with it and can it be done?
And if so, what plug can I use that is the smallest not to mess of the spaces you can use.

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Of course can it be done. But which frequency? Z-Wave, Zigbee, WiFi, 433 MHz?

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It can be Z-Wave, Zigbee I think, the others use very much power Wifi a specially I have heard.
433MHz are already so many things on

Home Pro should be easily use Z-Wavce and Zigbee, as long as I don’t need an other bridge or hub for it.

I have several Fibaro Smart Plugs (Z-Wave) in use, and I’m satisfied with them and the response to power changes is very good. But you can also adjust it. It’s also possible to include or exclude the self-consumption.
There are similar small smart plugs available from other manufacturers, such as NEO Coolcam (Z-Wave) or Shelly (WiFi), but I have no experience with them.

By the way, the power consumption of the Fibaro Smart Plug is according to the manual with max 1.6 W higher than that of the Shelly Plug S (< 1 W, according to the manual).

Another point to keep in mind is if the smart plug is designed to handle the power of the device.