Controlling (on/off) main breaker with any protocol? (z-wave, zigbee, wifi)

Haven`t found anything on the net, but does somebody know something about this issue? It would be nice to control the main breaker, like in case of fire or something like that. I would really like to be able to turn of the mainbreaker if the firealarm goes off etc. Any thoughts, regulations?

You could do it forcefully, just connect the L and N to a fgs 212’s switch contacts so you create a short (please don’t do this :rofl:).

But there are no “wireless” breakers that can do this, you’ll have to buy (pretty expensive) breakers with an internal relay (sold seperatly) that can trip a breaker (those are allowed), and connect a module to that.

They are usually low voltage relays (12v/24v) so you’ll need a transformer too.

Well, the point was not to start a fire, but to potentially stop it from happening :smiley:

Any thoughts why there are no wireless product in this category? The first thing the fire department does arriving to a fire scene is to turn off power.

Probably the price and reliability, now normal breakers cost 60-120 euro depending on brand/what type.
Making them wirelessly tripable would probably triple that price, and is still (too) unreliable as it keeps being wireless, that 1% that it doesn’t work, is 1% too much, it keeps being a safety device which needs a high as possible reliability percentage.

I see that perspective, but still the first line of defense. I would gladly pay that triple price, probably my insurance agree.

A more mechanical solution might be a Switchbot.

agree, that seems like an practical solution in absence of a specific product. No Homey support though, do see your comments on that thread!

Wifi breaker 16A
Wifi 63A breaker

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Thx, but not supported by Homey, like automation.

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Works with google home routines :slight_smile:
Could use virtual switch in homey to control the GH device

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I think you’ll have a hard time finding devices that are supported by Homey.

How about to use appropriate contactor and control it by supported wifi, zwave, zigbee relay?

Wouldn’t advice that as they’re not really designed to have heavy loads on them for 24/7 and they make a humming sound. Also they can fail and get stuck if not equally load on all 3 phase, which is almost al the time. Purpose of a mains rocker is that it actually disconnect fully. If main switch is turned off it obviously doesn’t get power so relais and everything won’t function.

Yes, you have to know what you want. If there is a fire, and the alarms have gone off, my concern is not relays or power feed generally, except that the cause of fire or smoke could be electrical.

So, yes, I would really like an device to control main breaker in a flow!

If it electrical then either damage is done or breaker tripped, so homey could be disconnected as well.
Either way this 2 devices i proposed is the only reliable option.
Edit: unless you want a expensive circuitbreaker controlled by battery backuped fireprotection installation.

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forgot to mention that I have ups on Homey and router, so in theory I can turn main breaker on again, if it had supported protocol.

Apart from the fact that cheap Chinese 230V devices aren’t exactly known for their safety :grimacing:

Yes because after a electrical fault and fire that is the first thing you want to do :smiley:

They are safe and have certification. Besides that it comes from china just like almost anything else nowadays. I’ve seen electric parts made in netherlands or somewhere else in EU, from gamma for example, that are a lot unsafer and hazardous than this cheap china stuff. So to say its cheap and from china so it should be crap is nonsense

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The Q&A begs to differ:

If the devices were CE-certified, I would expect to be able to find a certificate of compliance, which I can’t find for either device. I wouldn’t trust these devices in my consumer unit, but if you’re happy with them, good luck.