Water stop. How?

Hello! I’m looking to connect a water stop device to my Homey and get this to close my water inlet if water or leaks are detected by some sensors. Is it possible to use a Fibaro relay to trigger some magnet-valves to close off the water? Or is it a better way to do this?

This from a Dutch site, but probably give you an idea about a possible solution.
You can control it with a Fibaro or any other relay.

This is one of the options.

There is also this lower but it requires plumbing works, changing of the valves which is not se convenient as zipato.


I am using the Fibaro relay to control my irrigation valves (24VAC solenoids).

There are other solutions like this Dome Valve, I have a couple of friends that own it. But they use Fibaro HC2 controller and not Homey, I cannot recall Homey has an app for it.

Awakening old thread. We had a significant burst pipe (well, tap flex cord) over the weekend and would like to have a solution to stop this in future. If it had happened in different times we might have been on holiday!

So… obviously coupled with flood sensors (which I see plenty of), can anyone speak to the reliability of above solutions (or others?)
I’m based in the UK so anything more local also preferred!


Fibaro flood sensor (awaiting aqara flood sensor support).

Any brand magnectic valve + 230v solenoid (go min. one bigger than existing installation).

Ikea 230v smart plug.


Could you send a suggestion of the “magnetic valve + 230v solenoid” piece?
And what do you mean by one bigger than existing?

Do notice that below link is in Danish…


if your pot water installation right behind the water meter is 1" then go with 1 1.4" inch etc. (because high pressure loss in magnetic valves).

Thank you. That’s a good idea. One question tho, if I’m reading correctly then a solenoid valve needs to be powered at all times to be open? This would mean that in a power cut I would have no water… Is this correct?

That how just about how every single valve of this type works, including irrigation valves. It is a safety feature, power off — valve shut.

Actually a bit of research and you do seem to be able to get Normally Open ones


And that’s why I said “just about”
Well done and let us know how you go with it

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Which leaves my only question, what do the prepackaged solutions above offer that this doesn’t?

Also, seems if I went zwave then I could set association between a flood sensor and plug to mean it would happen irrespective of internet/homey status. This might be a topic for a different thread but relevant here I guess too!

I have installed the danvoss magnetic valcve (normally open) for over a year in combination with a ZWave floodsensor an a ZigBee plug controlled by Homey.
Problem: If the power is down and you have a pipe break you can take a bath…

There a other systems like the one from Grünbeck (german vendor of descaling systems) working with battery and a local watersensor (cable). It’s closing on water detection (safe at power loss), but you cant’t control it with Homey and you have to reopen it manually.


It’s a choice between safety and usability.

Yeah, i guess it’s swings and roundabouts.

I think I’d prefer it to be normally open - power cuts are more likely to happen and I would rather have my water in a power cut… then again i guess i could connect it to a UPS and then if there were a power cut still have power to the water

Yeah, so this is what I’m thinking.

  • Normally closed 230v solenoid valve on incoming supply
  • Solenoid valve wired to a Zwave plug
  • Zwave plug plugged into UPS (I actually have one nearby)
  • Zwave flood sensor(s)
  • Association on Zwave devices (need to investigate this further) so that it doesnt matter the state of Homey