Zwave potential free relays

I am looking for Homey compatible zwave relays to control 4-6 irrigation valves (24V AC). I think that a dry-contact/volt-free/potential-free relay would work best. To lower cost and installation size models with 2 or more relays in each would be preferred.

I have so far found:

Qubino 1D:

  • Only 1 relay
  • Zwave Plus
  • Homey compatible

Fibaro FGS-221

  • Old model hard to find
  • 2 relays
  • Zwave

Fibaro FGS-222 (thanks to danone for this)

  • Old model but still available.
  • 2 realys
  • ZWave

Fibaro Smart Implant

  • 2 relays
  • Zwave plus (?)
  • Not Homey compatible (yet)

Heatit Z-DIN-616

  • Overkill…
  • Expensive?

Qubino 1D are the best fit so far but will cost more than twice compared to the Fibaro Smart Implants but without support i guess that does not matter.

Are there any others worth looking into that i have missed?


Both my irrigation 24VAC valves pop-up sprinkles and garden irrigation) are controlled by one Fibaro double relay…
Fibaro implant, I don’t think it has relay outputs, only solid state which means you cannot use it for AC. Maybe I am wrong as I haven’t properly checked this unit.
Qubino, a good choice but only one relay.

I do also have a Fibaro universal sensor (the grandfather of the implant) to monitor the flow amount for my irrigation, wired into a flow meter it gives me pulses for each liter used and overflow (like a pipe burst)

Thanks for your reply! Sounds like a great setup. Am i correct that this is the ‘old’ 221 model then? The new model does not have potential free outputs if i have understood it correctly. I would love to get the new Fibaro 222 model if it just supported the 24V AC scenario. The old 221 is hard to find (nowhere to be found here in Sweden at least) and does not support zwave plus.

Ah ok, thanks for the tip on that. The spec. does say “2x potential-free outputs (for controlling external circuits)” but i must have misunderstood it then. But without Homey support i guess it does not matter.

Good idea. I’m running a water-pump so i was thinking of monitoring the power consumption but measuring the water could be a cool next step.

I do have the 222 this one here (Australian website as I live down under)
As long as it says “relay outputs” you can put anything in.
But even 222 is not z-wave plus. It won’t give you any trouble with the z-wave mesh, my network is made from about 20% non plus units.

That sounds very promising as 222 still seem to be available. Then it might be down to the range but i will buy one and give it a go. Thanks alot for your help!

I can confirm the Fibaro FGS-222 working as a potential free relay.

As an aternative - but with zigbee protocol - you could consider the Aqara LLKZMK11LM (click)

Cool, their prices are like 50% compared to zwave and their switches have worked great for me. Are the relay supported in the Xiaomi Homey app?

An App for the aqara zigbee devices is available, thanks to the great work by @TedTolboom . This specific device is partially supported at the moment; only one relay seems to work.

The problem is that this isn’t a dry relay.
Are there any real alternatives to Smart Implant?
I want to trigger “Away” mode on or climate control.

Do you refer to the Smart Implant?
Then you are wrong informed, the two outputs are Dry Relay Contacts.

I think they’re referring to the Aqara LLKZMK11LM.

Yes, I was referring to the Aqara mentioned just over.
That device didn’t seem to be what the OP needed. I needed something similar, and have gone for Smart Implant, which is cheap enough, but was hoping cheap alternatives exists.

If you want a realy cheap solution, maybe you can use an " ESP8266 with relay" board, there are boards with 1 to 8 relays. See: Arduino or ESP8266?

True, I even have several laying around I could just add ESP easy to or similar.

But I guess for “ready-made” solutions, Fibaro is the way to go.

I’ll remember my ESP8266/ESP32 devices the next time though.
The only downside is that they’re using an IP-address.
Z-wave rocks (at least in EU) as it’s using 868.

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