Z-wave device pulse switching dry contact

Hi, I’m looking for a Z-wave device, witch allows pulse switching dry contacts. I’d like it easy to discover and set up in Homey. There are 3 or better 4 channels needed for switching my skylight in the bathroom.
Would be great if all the channels are switchable in one device, but if there’re more needed, that’s no problem.
I think the Sonoff 4ch, witch I already bought would do the job but I didn’t have the time to deep dive into Tasmota. Because of the lack of Homey/Tasmota tutorials and resources, I just can’t get it to work. A little bit off topic, but if anyone knows a good resource to learn the Homey set up for a beginner…


The Fibaro FGS-222 has two channels, which can switch potential free. I use that successfully myself, to switch my heating.

Perhaps the Fibaro RGBW relay is an option, as it has 4 channels! I do not know if it can switch potential free.

Check out the Fibaro Smart Implant too!

Thanks @Eternity, I’ll give it a try.