Potential Free Relay

I know that the FGS-222 from Fibaro is a as zwave relay with potential free option but wondering what other devices have this?

ZigBee would be preferred but zwave will do the trick as will WiFi / ifttt


Shelly1 is a good and cheap potential free wifi switch.


Thanks for that!
So you know if they do a two switch version that is potential free? I see they do a 2.5 (unsure what the .5 is!) And a different 1 (1PM) but not seeing details on potential free (and what all their acronyms mean PM/UL etc)

The Shelly1 is a potential free wifi switch, the Shelly1PM not. PM stands for Power Meter.

I think the Shelly1 is the only potential free switch from Shelly. You can buy 2 for this price!

Above is what I want to do, but not sure how I would combine two devices into one ‘device’ in Homey (for Alexa Control etc)

I’m also interested if anyone can show me a diagram of how to wire the Shelly 1 potential free?


Aeotec Nano switch is also potential free

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