Zigbee alternative to Shelly 1L (Detached switch)

Hey guys,

I’m looking to replace my Shelly 1L devices since they lose wifi connection quit often. I use them in detached mode so I can control my Hue lights connected to them using Homey Flows.
I want to replace them with zigbee alternatives and preferably the zigbee devices should support Touchlink/direct binding.
I connected the Shelly using the 2-wire connection since I don’t have any neutral wires behind my switches, so the switches should also be able to be connected to only 2 wires.
Last demand is that my Jung switchgear is usable as well, so Aqara/Hue/Tradfri wireless switches are not an option.

Do you have any suggestions for devices I can use?


How was Shelly and Jung connected then? I’m a bit curious why an Aqara f.i. can not be a choice.
Or do you mean something like this:

(Your name indicates you could probably be able to read Dutch :wink: )

Yeah I meant something like that.
An Aqara T1 could be used I think, although with that one I’m not able to dim my lights because it’s an on/off switch.

I alao use most of my switches detached and currently working to get rid of the Shelly stuff.

Can the aqara T1 work with momentary switches and detached from a smart light? So it only registers a push and can bind some actions to it?

I have been looking for this too, since I want the flexibility of smart lights but also want to be able power toggle if necessary.

It seems that Niko will be coming with such a device in 2022: Geconnecteerde enkelvoudige schakelaar, 71 mm, schroefbevestiging, Zigbee®
They seem to be foreseeing quite a nice range of products (Search). I really hope that support will be foreseen for this.

Looks interesting, unfortunately not interesting enough for me since I use Jung switches…