Shelly I4 - Used as Dimmer for Zigbee lights

Hi guys,

I have some lights (+40) that are connected via Hue Bridge - Not hue lights but they are added via hue bridge.

My issue is that there isnt any good internal “remote” for these (im using Jung LS990 wall switches that I want to continue using) as I cant use a relay - the power needs to be constant to the lights via the transformer. I know that Hue have their own battery driven model - but I hear its garbage and dont want battery driven things…

So I have bought Shelly Plus I4 Scene remote - it works perfect for turning on and off (you can add double tap/long press as well) - but cant dim with it. A friend told me about this guide where you can change the script to dim - but its to wirelessly dim an shelly relay - Wireless dimming – The unofficial Shelly guide!

  • Checking here if anyone have done the guide and gotten the dim to work - is there any solution to get the I4 to work as dimmer?

Anyone have any suggestion - or an alternative solution?

Unfortunately, I can’t program but maybe this is helpful:

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Thanks for the advise!

Hi Hamid,

Did it work? I have a similar use case.
I want to buy a Nanoleaf Essentials Downlight which is a smart bulb. I want to use a Shelly i4 for turning the light on and off and dimming with long press.
But I want to use the z-wave version.



No, the only alternativ seems to be the double tap to different stages of dimm.

Best regards