Smart buttons

Hello Homey users,

I recently bought some Aqara wireless mini switch buttons.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best decision. :expressionless:
When I connect them they disconnect after some time.

Found some posts that describe the same behavior. And no good fix.

I am going to return all but 1 that I opened.

So now I am looking for an alternative button that actually works with Homey Pro.

Do you guys have any recommendations?

I want to use them in different places in my home to control flows.
Most of my devices are Zigbee.
I liked the size and looks of the Aqara one.



Have you tried new batteries? They are not always in a good shale when they arrive. Though Homey might say they’re full, changing them might make a lot of difference. I speak from experience unfortunately… :slight_smile:

Are these powered devices as well? Only they extend your Zigbee network/reach. Placing a few light bulbs or smart plugs in between can make a lot of difference too.

I have a lot of Aqara buttons (and other Aqara stuff) and they always work very reliable…

Thank you for the advise.
Will try changing the battery to see if it helps.

About the ZigBee device’s. I have about 15 smart dimmers so should be good with that.
Somehow when I check my devices I don’t always get the route devices take when they connect to homey. Not always the shortest route.

I have bougt some Flic2 buttons. They are awesome. Very very small, customizable with stickers, unfortunately; expensive.

They work great. Disadvantage: You have to buy their bluetooth hub. Advantage: Small and reliable. You can link them with Homey without bluetooth. Just a http request does the job.

Bought new batteries but unfortunately no difference. After like 30 minutes to 1 hour of not using the button it won’t react any more

I have no experience with dimmers.
Are the hardwired and with or without neutral?
Sure the act as routers?
You might wanna check how the devices are routed on
Btw: the shortest route doesn’t always have to be the best…

I have a lot of those and they never fail for me. Replacing batteries is the first thing I would do too. I personally also add them to homey on the location I’m going to use them. The route they take shouldn’t really matter, as long as they have a powered device close by. Maybe they try to find a route, but the battery isn’t strong enough to reach a powered device? Maybe restart homey to recreate the mesh (although I don’t think that is needed)?

Hello Henk,

This is a printscreen of the devices.
As you can see they act as routers.
They are hardwired and with neutral

IKEA Trådfri shortcut button?

Did a reset of the zigbee netwerk but no change.
Still same problem with the buttons.

@Articate what is your experience with IKEA buttons?

My experience with all IKEA stuff is very good. I feel the Zigbee standard is a bit more unreliable, though. Changes in the network seems to take a very long time to resolve. I’ve deliberately built up my network so that I added routers that I know will always have power. The first time I built my network, I added some IKEA bulbs that can be routers early, but they could also be turned off with the physical switch, and the routers would be offline. Having made that conscious rebuilding of the network, I run into virtually no problems.

The IKEA button works reliably. You can control one, two clicks and long press, so it gives some flexibility. There are many TRÅDFRI remotes, so perhaps various ones can help give you the control you want. I often go into the IKEA app for Homey page to check the capabilities of the buttons on a remote.

can they be wall switches? I found some which are ok price wise and operation wise, direct connect to homey

I know marcel_ubels recommended the flic version2 buttons,

  • I have the version 1 buttons and would not recommend them … when they loose their connection (weekly) it very very quickly drains the battery (with in hours).

I’ve been to scared to pay the money for flic2 - @Marcel_Ubels whats the battery life like?

Until this moment i have no problems with them. I use them for about 1 ½ year now with the original battery. Loosing connection only sometimes( once in 2-3 months), but most of those times it is a problem with Somfy and i have to insert my credentials again

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