Aqara Button won’t work until a light is turned on?!

I have an Aqara button and a Philips Bloom lamp which are in a flow. Both directly connected to Homey, no hubs.

The flow is initiated by the button, which then has a “And” card for “lamp is off” and “Then” turn on/off based on current status.

This works absolutely perfectly, but about a week-10 days ago it stopped. It’s as if the button “times out”. After a couple of hours without use, you cannot turn it on. I even moved the button and clicked right in front of Homey - no response. I also tried creating another flow which sends me a push message - no response.

But if I manually run the lamp flow, or turn the lamp on under devices - the button works afterward, for both the lamp and notification flows I created…

How does this make any sense?

Did you try to re-pair the button?

Well, it does work, after turning on or off that lamp, and it did work great before when used for controlling an outlet.

I don’t think the button is the problem, but I’ll try deleting it and re-adding.

I have similar issue. I have 2 round Aqara wireless switch paired. Im using them to open the car gate and have them in my car. Everything works for couple of days, but than suddenly switch is not working. Moved closer to the Homey but nothing. I had to remove it and pair it again. Than it works again for couple of days and situation repeats again. Any idea how to fix this? I have also Square Aquara Wireless switch and that is working without issue.

You can do a repair on the developerspage. Go to zwave, search your device, scroll utterly right, tap three dots. There you have seceral options. Use Heal. This renews the zwave mesh for the device. Ofcourse deleting and readding does also the job. Zwave distance can be the problem when you are to far away from homey. Try adding repeaters or zigbee. Same goes for zigbee devices, try adding repeaters or zwave.

I guess it has someting to do with that you have it in your car……. so when you go away its leaving your network, and when comming home its has to join it again. Could be that it is not joining the network in a correct way. bit guessing over here.

As Zigbee is a low energy protocol, my gut feeling tells me that it isn’t freaky made for very dynamic networks with devices being in and out range. And when in range possibly through another route. Don’t have a workaround except for sticking the button somewhere outside, but I guess that’s not an option :wink:

Yes, seems like it lost connection and cant be reconnected. Never had such a issue with zwave remote. Anyway, it didnt work neither close to the Homey nor after Homey restart.