Any recommendation for 2 way relays

Hi All,
I’m looking for 2-way relays with neutral to drive exhaust fan (<15 watts) and Lighting (< 15watts).
Please throw in suggestion that work well with homey and cost effective devices too.
Thank you!

It also depends on what protocol you want to use.
I use Shelly (wifi) and Aqara (Zigbee). There are great Z-wave relays too, but Z-Wave devices are (in general) often slightly more expensive.
And it depends on the Homey you’re using. Pro, bridge or just the Homey cloud app.

Henk is correct… You’ll need to give more info… eg do you have a Pro, bridge , cloud,

If it’s a Homey Pro I’d personally suggest one of these…

Is the simplest , cheapest and the easiest to setup. It’s also not dependent on if the manufacturer goes bankrupt later on… It will always work forever …

You also get two extra relays for free :smirk:

AU $23.83 31% Off | ATHOM Tasmota 4CH WiFi Relay Module Inching Switch Self-locking Entry Access Gate Control DC 5V 12V 7V-30 AC90-250V V

Of de Sonoff Dual R2 of de nieuwere R3 i.c.m. Tasmota en MQTT werkt perfect.

Those are also good but you’ll probably spend a day trying to learn how to flash it with Tasmota… It can be painful for first timers.

The 4 channel is pre-flashed. Just plug in a go…

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i have this one from Aqara which is with zigbee and works perfect for several years now.

Aqara Eigenstone Twee weg Controle Module Draadloze Relais Controller 2 Kanalen Werk Voor Xiaomi Mijia App En Thuis Kit|Building Automation| - AliExpress

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My home automation (Homey Pro) current only on Zigbee-Aqara,tuya, and Z Wave(EU). I don’t think moving towards Z wave as it really cost alot more, looking at the pricing.
Hence I will stick back with zigbee and WiFi solution.

I’m very new to Sonoff and Tasmota products, the pricing is very attractive to compare with Aqara Relays too.
I’m definitely not going for any cloud device, WiFi will be local LAN only.
For Sonoff and Tasmota products can I direct to Homey, without any other collaboration apps ?

Is homey readily supporting the 2 channel ?, if running on 1 channel relay, is the live power meter working ?

yes you can switch each 2 channel separately, power meter is working as well

The Aqara relay adds 2 separate devices in homey. So they are indeed separately controlled, but power metering is only on 1 of the 2 devices, displaying the total consumed power of both devices (outputs) plus relay itself.

Just need to install the MQTT broker App , MQTT Client App, and the Tasmota App… All are virtually apart of Homey and will never go away…

If you buy a Home Assistant , or a Hubbitate later on both are compatible with Tasmota …

@Henk_Renting @Russell_S @Daniel_Weber @Erwin_De_Jong
Thanks for sharing the function and experience for both Aqara and Sonoff/tasmota, I’ll procure both to try it out :+1:

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Hi @Henk_Renting i just got hold of an Aqara Double relay, i cant find the app that able to add
L2. :face_with_monocle: can you share which app you used?

I simply use this one. What do you mean by L2?

See the app community page:

Sorry @Henk_Renting, it’s my bad, I’ve overlooked the tiny arrow ^ to choose the Switch 1/ Switch 2.
So far tested L1 and L2 as in channel 1 and channel 2 is working fine. Thank you! :+1:

But I wonder why there is a notification :face_with_monocle: “This types of device might not be supported in the future.” Aqara apps v1.3.8 removed the icon “Aqara double relay” even though I’m still able to add the device by choosing “Single Switch Module T1 (With Neutral)”.

I should post a message to [Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee] to clarify.

Hi there,

I am using several of these Aqara 2-relais the’ll do a great job for me

Original Aqara Two way control module Wireless Relay Controller 2 channels Work For Mijia APP and Home kit|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress

Thank you for your advise. :clap: Few days ago, my Sonoff TH16+Si7021 came.
Flashed with latest tasmota v10 tasmota-sensors.bin, Homey Pro installed with your mentioned Tasmota MQTT App, MQTT Broker App , MQTT Client App. Everything looks good! :star_struck: