Suggestions for installing a water level sensor to control a water pump

We have a water pump that evacuates water from a drainage-well outside in the garden. For several reasons, I would like to control the pump activity via Homey.
I am looking for a sensor that will be in contact with water several times a day, all year round ( I wonder if the sensors for water leakage are designed for this exposure or only for occasional emergency leakage??)

Anyone, that have this or similar set-up? suggestions for a sensor?

Both Fibaro flood sensors and Aeotec flood sensors work.
Both have the option to wire external probes so they stay away from being immersed into the water.
I use this successfully and the probe is nothing but a pair of ordinary wires which I stripped the ends and when they touch water, the alarm is ON.
Hope this helps.

Sorry to hijack the thread

I’m looking for something that could survive being in a sink to detect when tap is on - would one of these devices work okay with flowing water? And would they survive submersion?

Many thanks

Nope. None of them would survive immersion in water. Hence, both have the option to have external probes which can be installed far from the sensor. But this means you will have wires flowing into the sink and might not look too nice.
BTY, I am referring to Fibaro and Aeotec.

Thanks. Thats unfortunate (and seems an oversight but guess thats why they’re flood and not water sensors!)

Is there anything out there that would work like that?!