Home made rain sensor idea

Hello all,

I want to try if i can make an rainsensor that triggers very quick when it starts to rain.
ihave ordered one of these. So far no idea how it works but for 5 euro’s its worth a try. If its possible i want to connect it to a fibaro binairy sensor as i still have a spare one. Would this be possible or am i wrong?

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Top, ff een plastic kastje bestellen waar het in kan. Eerst ff wachten tot het binnen komt. Ben benieuwd

Hi @Frans_Keeman,
i can only answer in English or German. It works. You have to connect the rain sensor without the relay directly to a sensor with binary input. Rain closes the contact on the board and the sensor passes the signal on to Homey. I did this with a Fibaro Gen.1 window contact and this board.

The Fibaro is in the waterproof cylindrical housing.

Please position the sensor at an angle so that the water can drain off.


Saw a very nice 3D printed design to house the water leak sensor (which isnt currently supported)
Maybe can be modded to fit a fibaro or some other binary sensor.


And as it is an English topic, in the English part of the forum, lets keep in in English so everybody can participate.

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It’s a good idea and it doesn’t look bad. But could it be that rain collects at the bottom edge? That the rain doesn’t run off? I would remove the edge.
Very nice site! :+1:t3:

Great idea. Maybe it wil also work with the Aqara Door Sensor bij replacing the reed switch for the rain sensor.

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This is why I made this post, love to see all the different solutions that you showed here above. Great idea to print something for it. That will be the next on the list a 3d printer :joy::wink:

Its also possible to attach it to a neo coolcam flood sensor. In that case you have zwave and no need for power source as this is battery powered

i found another update in the file thats even better in my case


Hi Frans,

Where dit you find de sensor en the cassing.

greetings Richard

Of… https://www.google.nl/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwigvaWy757pAhUY53cKHRMyDtcYABAFGgJlZg&sig=AOD64_3uyKtvEUFrZSmvL9_6INymO41-1w&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjrxJyy757pAhWN-qQKHZu2CR8Qwg96BAg4EBA&adurl=

ESP8266 module. Werkt geweldig! Met WiFi, compatible met homey en mega goedkoop.
Voorbeeld is gelijk met relay erin maar kan ook zonder of met andere features. Google maar op Esp8266 en je vindt geweldige dingen en oplossingen. Met zo’n module maak ik ook een automatische kippendeur :slight_smile:

Edit in English:
ESP8266 works fine and with WiFi it is compatible with homey. There are multiple kinds with different features.

Hi Richard,

The sensor you can find on aliexpress don’t need to order the switch as you can’t connect that to Homey. The casing you will have to print yourself or let it print in a shop. Drawing you czn find in the link below. Like in the link and go to remix

Sorry but keep it English please so the others can also follow it. I Don. 't like wifi stuff so I will go for zwave or zigbee as I already have problem with Sonos witch is also on wifi

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It is by using ESP8266

I have none issues. The most important thing is that Sonos does not support 5ghz. So… you should have 2 WiFi names, 1 for 2.4Ghz and 1 for 5Ghz. All your home automation should connect to 2.4 and your computer and mobile stuff on the 5Ghz. This will guarantee a good WiFi network. It is so that 5Ghz reaches less far but then u can solve that issue by using accesspoints or a Mesh system. But NEVER a range extender without Mesh.

Hi Guys,

The rain sensor is installed and working. Have to make some modification still and reprint it again.
There stays water on the back of the sensor for a long time making it stay on for a long time.
so i will modify the upper plate. the sensor has four holes so i will make a plate with 4 spacers on it. That will it will dry up quicker. For the rest i am super happy with it. Inside the lower case is the neo coolcam flood sensor mounted witch is zwave. Also this is my first 3D printed object and i am absolutely sure that i am going to buy my own printer for another hobby :laughing: :laughing:


I’ve got a similar setup. I just installed it today, but my watersensor alarm is now always turned on when I connect it to the raindrop sensor. It aint raining and i know the sensor isnt wet.

Any idea what could be the problem?

If you have a multimeter, check the resistance between the two pins of the sensor. It should be really high (or, ideally, it should be an open circuit) when the sensor isn’t wet.

There are little bit more things, than raindrops, which ones may “short-circuit” the sensor. Starting from “ordinary” atmospheric moisture and ending with fingerprints. Also there may be a problems in communication/app level. Out of theme, but just solved with remove/rejoin a permanent alarm problem for my bathroom FGFS-101, which one was “abused” to detect, if someone is taking a bath.
So, first of all i’d personally clean the sensors “maze”. Aft that just in case check resistance of the sensor-plate and then - if possible, check with another moisture sensor or … hmm, may-be not, because Your problems starting at point, when You connected the “maze”?