NEO Coolcam Flood Sensor

I just purchased a NEO Coolcam flood sensor, when I try to add the NEO Coolcam app it says “Homey is Unreachable, Try Again” if I try again I get the same message. The App does seem to install though I don’t think it installs properly as when I try to add the flood sensor it detects device but says “No compatible Homey App has been found for this device. It has been added as a Basic Z-Wave device” I have tried removing and re-adding a number of times but get the same result. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

And you tried a PTP.

And assume your on homey v2.

And you tried the beta version of the neo coolcam

Thanks for your reply, yes Homey v2 and yes I tried the beta as well. Not sure what you mean by PTP, so I may not have tried what ever that is. Thanks


PTP means pull the plug of homey and wait at least 10 min befure putting it back

Thanks Roy, I have now tried that and same result.


Hmmmz strange, and to be onest iam out of suggestions :thinking:

Gues the best you can do is reporting the isseu to the devolper.

Hi Roy, the supplier I purchased the sensor off confirmed he had the same issue. He raised it with the developer and they will fix it in the next release.

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@Mark_Reynolds did you get this working?

I’m looking for a water sensor for my shower and considering this - is it pretty sensitive?

Hi Andrew, not as yet. I am waiting for the developer to release the next version of their app so I haven’t been able to test it yet.

Hi Mark - been some time now, just wondering if this is something you’ve tested since?
How is the battery life on the coolcam flood sensor?
Is there any way to hard wire it?


Hi vaderag, I have just recently tried adding the sensor again and it added in fine this time. I haven’t had much of a play with it yet so I can’t really say how the battery life is other than it is still saying 100% after about 6 weeks. I don’t see any way to hardwire it.


Thanks @Mark_Reynolds

Having just experienced a burst tap which we thankfully got away relatively scot free I’m trying to build a relatively maintainance free flood solution

Changing batteries minimally and zwave association to a plug are the key things I need