Hi all,

My wife decided to by an aquarium… so I see additional tasks for my homey comming up…

Does anyone know if there are aquarium related devices on the market working with homey?
In particular I’m looking for wireless devices providing e,g. Watertemperature, pH-value and (if possible nitrite)

Br Edward

works great!


For pools but hey, it’s a brand new app and can be interesting

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Do not forget a water leak sensor. I am also looking for a water sensor that covers a larger area around the filter. Something like the Eve Water Guard.
Does anyone have a tip?

aqara water leak sensor

Afaik the Aqara Leak Sensor detects water only at one point as the most leak sensor (Fibaro, Aeotec, etc.), not an area.
Have you looked at the Eve sensor? The sensor has a long probe which you can lay around the filter.
I don’t know if it’s possible to modify such a sensor with an extended probe.
I know that it’s possible to add a probe at the Fibaro Flood Sensor to reach a point at a place where the main sensor is too big. But as described in the manual it’s also just for detecting water at a little area/point, not for a bigger area.

Maybe you know already, but nonetheless:
The Aqara flood sensor has 2 contacts, you can connect two blank wires which shouldn’t be connected to eachother.
If you lay them in a pattern, like floor heating tubes, you can cover an area as big as you like in theory.
If water touches both wires, the alarm is triggered.
I’ve seen rain sensors based on a circuitboard, with the same principle.


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Correct! I have done exactly that, below kitchen equipment to cover area with Quooker and dishwasher.

Going back the initial question, anyone ideas to measure pH and - or nitrite levels?

Ali has a leakage sensor that is built as a belt. It measures a water outlet over the entire length. I laid it in loops under the aquarium and connected it to a Neo Coolcam window contact. As soon as moisture has been registered somewhere, the sensor triggers.

A similar product from Switzerland.

or Busch-Jäger

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Unfortunately there is nothing for Homey. Especially for NO2, the sensors are very expensive. You can also neglect NO2. In a healthy aquarium, NO2 should be undetectable. PH probes are very maintenance-intensive and often have to be calibrated. They last a maximum of 1 year. I recommend reading these two values ​​with test strips. You save yourself so much money and trouble.


Thanks! Makes sence :blush:

Thx @Undertaker, the two first mentioned probes I found already yesterday, also some at Alibaba. So I will try it.

@EdwardG, sorry for going a bit off topic. I just wanted to point out a possible problem (water leak) that happened to my brother-in-law a few weeks ago.

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No problem, I’m happy with solutions and product info provided so far!

For Water Temperature, use a DS18b20 WTP sensor and connect the wires to a FIBARO Smart Implant and you will have real-time monitoring of the actual water temperature :blush::grin:

An easy addition to your aquarium, and to create a good day-night rhythm for your fish and plants, is to add a simple smart plug on the light-source! I don’t have anything else smart in my aquarium, but the light source has a lot of influence on the whole aquarium!