Water level - any solution supported by Homey

haven’t found much on this, but is there any chance to integrate some solution with Homey to get water level measurement system ? Eg. https://en.robbshop.nl/water-level-meter-aquaplumb-vegatronix in combination with Fibaro Smart Implant ? Any other solutions are available ? Best would be however battery operated Z-Wave solutions for me.
Thank you.

Btw, https://vegetronix.com/Products/AquaPlumb/ looks really interesting but it’s anyway out of stock.

You could use a door sensor.
Here are some pictures (only german): Z-Wave Binärschalter selbst bauen

You can solder wires at the magnetic sensor and these wires can be positioned at your max. water level. If the water reches the wires, the sensor will alert Homey and you can do some stuff with flows.
It’s possible to ues Fibaro (Z-Wave) or Aqara (Zigbee) sensors. The Aqara sensor offers a device option to invert the alarm signal. Then you get an alert if the water connects the two wires.

This way I built a rain sensor (Aqara door sensor and the rain sensor circuit board). Pictures for it: Suche Regensensor und Warnung erstellen, wenn Fenster noch offen

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I forgot the Fibaro watersensor. You can add wires to place the sensor outside ald the end of the wires at water level.

Thank you, however if I understood your proposal well, this is rather for full/empty kind of monitoring, while I’m searching for scale type of monitoring (0-100%)

Ah, ok. Then some sensors on several levels and some logic :grin:

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Any other solution meanwhile to be used to measure water level in water tank (10000l). For me best on fir it with long battery operations.