Using Fibaro smart implant for waterlevel measurement?

Hello All,

My situation is like this:

I have a house (in France) with a basement / garage which is half underground.
In front of the door of the garage (slope down) there is a kind of reservoir to collect water when it rains.
If the reservoir overflows all the water will still enter the basement / garage and that happened allready twice.

I installed a pump in the reservoir to pump the water away, it is connected to a neo coolcam switch.

What I want to achieve is that the pump will start at a high waterlevel in the reservoir and stop when the waterlevel is low.

For that I was thinking to use a Fibaro smart implant.
Put 2 wires connected to input 1 in the reservoir to make contact when the water is at a high level, and 2 at input 2 for a low level.

Does anybody have an idea if this will work?

Love to hear from you all!