Easy changeable variabele

Hello All,

I have the following situation. I have a rainbird installation for watering my garden. I use tasmota switches to turn on and off valves to water 4 zones. Let’s say I would like to water them for 1hour one and the other day just 50 minutes I would like to have a switch or dial in homey to change the value of a variable. I then can use the variable to specify timers for each zone.
Is something like this possible?

First make a number variable called Rainbirdtime and in countdown a timer eg Rainbird. Set the countdown time 3600 sec

Then make a virtual switch. Just add a device, choose Homey, choose eg switch. Make two flows.

  1. When switch on, then set your variable(Rainbirdtime) to your desired time eg 60, and adjust timer(Rainbird) to 3600
  2. When switch is off, then set your variable to 50 and adjust timer to 3000

In your flows with rainbird you now can use this timer

You also could make two flows in Homey which adjust this variable. Call them eg Rainbird 60 min timer and rainbird 50 min timer. Make them favorite flows and in tasks for ios make a new two tasks to operate these flows. You can add Homey to your homescreen and that way you have these flows on your iphone(probably also possible for android)

Define a virtual dimmer. Define a numeric variabele “watering time”. Make a flow that calculates the watering time by multiplying the dimmer value by the maximum watering time if dimmer value changes.
Use this numeric value “watering time” in your flows to water the garden.
You can do this for all seperate zones.

The dimmer options is the one I’m looking for thanks for the replies, I will give it a try and post the flows if successful.


  • Virtual devices app installed
  • Countdown app installed
  • A virtual dimmer, capabilities on/off and dimming.
  • A variabele (number) in this case Watering _time
  • 4 timers it is possible to use the same timer, I’m planning to use different times for each zone in the future. (also means 4 variabeles)

Edit: one timer is enough, only 4 variabeles are needed to use 4 different times. I’m planning to use a ratio between the four zones.

In this example I used:

  • 4 channel tasmoto switch for 4 separate zones.
  • 1 single tasmoto switch for the pump

9 flows in total.

Set variabele, the dimmer gives a value of 0-1. Multiplied with 7200 means a range between 0-2 hours.

Turn on watering by pressing the dimmer switch, turns on socket 1, and starts the first timer

End of zone 1 and start of zone 2

End of zone 2 and start of zone 3

End of zone 3 and start of zone 4

Done, turning socket 4 off is not really needed because Water timer turn off is already doing so.
Water timer turn off is needed to turn off the switch in te app.

Dimmer switch off

Pump on, could be intergrated in previous flows. However when somebody uses the manual switch on the sonoff device itself the pump turns on automatically.

Pump off, I encountered a bug inversing the all on card resulted in some devices off. I need all devices off.

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