[APP][Pro] Rain Bird

A first release of a Rainbird app!

This app should be compatible with any controller that supports the Rainbird LNK Wifi module, including:

  • ESP-Me
  • ESP-TM2
  • ESP-RZXe
  • ESP-ME3

Currently this app has been tested with the following Rainbird models:

  • Rainbird ESP-RZXe6i indoor WIFI

If your model isn’t listed here, but the integration works, please let me know, so I can update this list.



Is there a way to change Zone names?

At the moment, there isn’t, but I am currently working on a screen that will allow you to do so. Expect this to go into test in the next week or so.

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First off, thank you very much.

But I do have a couple of thoughts on the app:

  • I’m not sure if this is something in your control or if it’s a Homey issue, but when I create a workflow to water a zone for X minutes, it doesn’t wait X minutes before the workflow continues. It only pauses for a second or 2 before it continues.

I added a “wait” card to match whatever X minutes is to make it work like I expected.

  • A history of zone usage would be helpful as well

Thanks again!


Just wanted to let you know that with the new test version, you can rename zones by right clicking the device and choosing ‘Repair’.

You can download the latest test version here: Rain Bird | Homey

This is a experimental build, so if you are relying on it, please stay at a stable version.

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That worked!

Big thanks for making this. Sorry if this is a stupid question, having troubles adding my controllers.

I have two controllers, one RZXe-8i and one RC2 4 zones. Everything seems normal, i name the zones and then trying to add them, but for both i get the same error message:

“Invalid setting type! Got string but expected number (number) for DefaultIrrigationTime”

Any idea what I´m doing wrong?

Ps. I would love to give you feedback on the compability on the new RC2 controller


Thanks for your message. A new version of the app just went live and should resolve your issues, you could retry installing it, or wait for it to update.

Always open for feedback on new controllers.

Perfect, it worked! No problem adding the RC2.

Although I see now when trying to add a flow, it seems to be a problem with the zones when having two controllers installed. I see the zones of the last installed controller even though I try to make a flow with the first installed controller…

mån 26 feb. 2024 kl. 10:32 skrev Wim Haanstra via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the report, I’ll try and recreate this issue and work on a fix!

I pushed a new test version, which should no longer display the wrong zone names. Not able to test it fully, as the Rainbird only allows for 1 connection, but you should be able to update your test version here:

Nice job, thanks, it all seems to work now for both my controllers :+1: I can’t try it live since I still have winter here at the moment.

tis 27 feb. 2024 kl. 21:40 skrev Wim Haanstra via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

Same here, I just watch the controller to see if it works, but our pump is disconnected at the moment :neutral_face::cold_face:

Does this App also support the Rainbird rc2 (as I don’t see it listed).

A fellow user a couple of posts up told me that it works. I didn’t test it myself.

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Hi Wim,
Great work.
Our pump is connected this week again, so I can start testing my ESP-TM2 via your app. Will let you know how it goes!
I’m just wondering if you could pick up the rain detected signal from the ESP-TM2 also?
Keep up the good work!

Hey Ruud,

Thanks for your message. I have been trying it out the last couple of weeks and it seems 95%+ reliable. I had some problem connecting sometimes, but I had that with the Rainbird app as well, so I am not sure what is going on yet.

I looked into the rainsensor a bit, and as I do not have a sensor myself, I was wondering if you could shed some light on it. I DO have a way to read if the Rainsensor set point has been reached. Only I do not know what this would mean.

Let me know if you encounter any weird behaviour :smiley:

Hi Wim,

As far as I understand: The sensor is just an open/close switch, which wil be activated if the sensor is getting wet (rain) and depending on a slider (on the sensor itself), determinates the drying time of the sensor. In the manual is referred to the slider setting to correct, if your garden is of a sand (slider open) or Clay type of soil (slider closed). Also if a strong or mild wind is blowing over the sensor.

Rain bird has also a wireless sensor wich is capable of more (temp etc) but I just had a quick scan on the info.

If you do have to know if e.g. “open” means dry and “close” means “rain / has been raining”, I do have to uncouple it, but even then I’m not even sure if the software would intrepid it different.

Hope this will help

Kind Regards