Irrigation timer issue

To water my garden I use a Rainbird controller with Wifi link.
I know that it is possible to control the Rainbird via an API. Unfortunately, there is no Homey app for that and I do not have the knowledge to create one.
There is an integration made for Home Assistant and something is made for PyRainbird.

I am trying something now with an 8 channel relay card and an ESP with Tasmota.
Controlling the valves goes without any problems. What I can’t figure out is the following:

If I want to operate a valve manually, I want to be able to specify a time (in minutes that the valve should be active). So actually being able to set a time for the hourglass.
Does anyone know if there is a solution for this within Homey to enter or select a number before the flow continues?
I thought I could use a virtual dim button (there are no visual numbers) or a virtual thermostat (can only be used between 5-50) . Maybe some slider wil work where you van define a min and max. i.e. 0 - 120 min.

Any help, support or suggestion is welcome. :slight_smile:

Use a timer app.
WHEN valve open THEN start a timer for 100 minutes.
WHEN timer empty THEN close valve.

I use a timer app and created timers for the automatic irrigation schedule. The challenge is that I have 8 zones (8 valves) and also want to operate them manually. In that case I need to enter somewhere the amount of minutes.
For my current Rainbird controller I do the same: I select i.e. Zone 1. Then I enter of slide a bar to enter the time. After confirming this the valve will be on/open for the time I have selected. The time I enter is not always the same. Therefore I need to enter it manually.

I have solved the problem with Siri Shortcuts. With Siri Shortcuts I was alble set manual enter the Zone number and the amount of minutes. On top of it, it works also voice controlled. :slight_smile:

Hey glad you worked it out as I’ve spent quite a bit of time getting nowhere! I’m new to Siri shortcuts and have been trying to command my 6 zone Rainbird TM2 (Only 4 connected at this stage) using this method. I can call up the Rainbird app using Siri but it’s selecting menus is where I’m stuck. I would like to start and stop manual watering on each of the zones if possible. Any help on how to do this would be much appreciated.

Hi Darryl,

I’ve sold my Rainbird controller because it is not compatible with HomeKit and I could not link it to Homey. I bought an OpenSprinkler Irrigation controller and I am able to link it to Homey and control it via Siri Shortcuts. For me was the Rainbird a never ending story of issues.

How did you connect Opensprinkler to Homey, can u please explain? Thanks

Hi Ben,

I make use of MQTT in Homey and made a script in Homey to link with the OpenSprinkler.
For me it is also possible to use Siri to turn on/off sprinkler zones and add a duration to it.

The flow which triggers the script is very simple: Script Flow OpenSprinkler

This is the script I made to read the zone number and duration:
if (args[0] == undefined) {

  • console.log (‘Missing argument’)*
  • return false;*

let bl = await Homey.apps.getApp({ id: ‘net.i-dev.betterlogic’ } );
if (!bl) {

  • console.error(‘Better Logic not installed!’)*
  • return false;*

const [ full, topic, message ] = args[0].match(/(\S+)\s+(.)/);*

ZoneNumber = Number(topic.match(/\d+$/)[0]);
obj = JSON.parse(message);

bl.apiPut(“ZoneStatus/” + obj.state);
bl.apiPut(“ZoneDuration/” + obj.duration);
bl.apiPut(“ZoneNumber/” + ZoneNumber);

console.log('Zone Number: ’ + ZoneNumber);
console.log('Zone state: ’ + obj.state);
console.log('Duration: ’ + obj.duration);

To get this script working you nee to add 3 vars in Better Logic:

  • ZoneNumber {number}
  • ZoneDuration {number}
  • ZoneStatus {number}

The next 2 flows are for Zone On/Off

Flow 1: Zone On
Flow 2: Zone Off

With Siri Shortcuts I made 3 flow:

  • Turn Zone {X} on for {Y} time
  • Turn Off Zone {X}
  • Turn Off All Zones

I hope this helps you a bit.

Hi Rob,

Dank je !!

Ben Busser
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