[APP][Pro] Rain Bird

Thank you so much for your effort. Was waiting for this. Really happy!

I have been using HomeBridge to get the RC2 into Homekit. Homekitty, however, does unable to enable this device in Homekit. It this something you can enable, or fix?

I program the schedule in the Rainbird app and let it do it’s thing, but I want Homey to do other stuff (and, then etc.) and this app should work perfectly, but I am testing this tomorrow. However, I simply would like to see the status in Homekit, too.

Anyway… thanks again.

I have this too: is address or local host doesn’t work, just endless spinning. What am i doing wrong?

I’ll have a look at the connection issue after the weekend. It seems everyone is using the RC2, which I don’t have.

In the settings of the app, you are able to send logs to the developer (me), it would help greatly if you could.

One important thing to watch out for. The rainbows doesn’t love multiple connections to it, so if you already have a HomeBridge, HA or any other integration running, that could be a problem.

Easiest test would also to try the IP adres of the Rainbird device, instead of rainbird.local.

As I wrote before, I tried to connect using the dirket ip address.
Could you tell me how I can get the applog you mentioned?

Thank you!

In the app, click the bottom right tab, called ‘more’. Go to Apps and click the Rainbird app .

There should be a ‘cog’ in the top right corner, click that. That should show a screen with a button called ‘Create diagnostics report’.

I can confirm on RC2. Disable any other connection for e.g. via homebridge etc.

Also close the iOS app on your phone if you have it open. No more than one connection at a time.

I have only tried via direct IP address (and controller password) and this worked instantly.

I have a new test version available for people that have problems connecting to the Rainbird.

But as Bram also said:

  • Close any Rainbird app you have running
  • Make sure you are not using HomeBridge, Home Assistant or any other Rainbird helper app
  • Install the latest version linked below

I have a question on how the app should work. I have created an advanced flow with two when cards;

  • when “irrigation starts”
  • when “irrigation stops”

I programmed a schedule in the Rain Bird app, and was now hoping that “when” the Rain Bird app sends an event notification, as in for e.g.; “Rain Bird controller irrigation event completed”, Homey would pick up on it.

I was hoping that Homey would pickup when Rain Bird would start or stop an irrigation event. Is this not what that “when” card means?

Should I (re)create a schedule in Homey in order for this to work?

Hello! The app works great when scheduling/starting irrigation from homey. However, it seems not to be working retrieving the status of the irrigation when started from the rainbird app. Are you aware of this?

Also, it would be terrific to expose the rain sensor as it can be used as trigger for many applications.


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I have noticed this too. I hope they can include it in a future version.