[APP][Pro] Rachio Irrigation Controller

Some years ago I imported a Rachio Irrigation controller to replace my Hunter. At the time it was one of the few that had smart possibilities.

For my own use I also wrote the integration between Rachio and Homey.

This is now been cleaned up and is now live on the App store, look for Rachio.

When I click on the link in the app store I am going to the live 360 app.
Is that correct?

Just tried and it brings me to the correct app. Just look for Rachio on the store itself if you keep the problem.

Have you been able to find it?

I did find it.
I don’t need it, sorry.
But if I click on the link to the forum I get linked to the 360 app.
Other links on the app store are going to thw wright forum.
But maybe it is a problem with my browsers.
The link under Community, visit community.

Thanks, will change it.

Dear Martin, you just got rid of my last “missing link” in homey. I did not expect that I would find an app solving this because nearly no-one seems to use this US-product in Europe. Maybe you could help me with just one question. I am able to integrate the controller and the zones in Homey, I am also able to create flows activating a zone for a certain time. But what I don’t understand is that all zones in my device panel appear to have the status “on” by default and I can not switch them on or off from the device menu. I don’t know if I´m not able to understand the app the right way or if it might be a bug. If you need some further information from me concerning this - please let me know.
I am using Gen2 16 zone. Homey is early 2019, Homey pro v 8.0.3.
Kind regards and thank you very much for making this possible!

Hi Felix indeed looks like a bug. Will check and correct.

I see that some other things are also not displaying correctly.

Expect to push an update on a week or so.

Thanks a lot. Then I dont have to bither checking where the mistake. Whats most important is that the flows are working. Began trying things iut last year with iftt, but did not want a subscription. Thank you so much for sharing your app!

2.3.3 is live now. On/Off for a zone should behave intuitive now (it will be a 30 minute manual schedule for on)
Also zones that are added now appear off initially.

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Works like a charm. Thank you very much!!!

Hey, does this app feed through to homekit (via homeykit/homeykitty) to be able to turn on or off single zones?

No, can you describe what the use case would be so I can take a look

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The use case would be to be able to speak to siri, asking to turn on or off any of the watering zones.

Seperate issue, i have just recieved my rachio today, and cannot connect it to Homey. When i add my Rachio 3 controller, get the error “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘person’)” - what does this mean?

Actually a zone is a switch as well (pressing a tile will turn it on/off) so this should (in theory) work if homekit treats it as a device that can be turned on/off.

For the person issue, the API key is correct? If so, could you PM me a copy of the log?

I am trying to add my controller using a HP23, but I am stuck with adding page with no progress at all.

Will check it out. Could you PM me the log during the add of the controller please

Usually i can send the log if the app is already installed, right? anyway these are screen shots of attempts of installing the app.

Did you already provided the API key in the app setup?

If not goto apps, select rachio, select app settings, rachio tab, click get API key, controller, account settings, API key… Copy on clipboard, back to app setup, save.

Add controller…

Never been able to install the app until today, then I got these messages, after that the app delete it self.