[App][Pro] Royal Gardineer - Your garden has never been so green!


I’m actually working on a new App for Royal Gardineer devices on Homey.

At this time, it’s working with this first device :

App has been approved and is already available on Homey App Store.

Other Royal Gardineer devices and technologies will be integrated later. Stay tuned…



Hi all,

Royal Gardineer App is now on live version !


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Could you add this Irrigation Controller to Tuya app https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005006435648376.html
I think it is the same

Hi Vitalii,

Yes, it seems to be exactly the same. Have you already got one and tested it ?

This App is only for Royal Gardineer devices, if it’s a Royal Gardineer, it’ll work with the App.
If not, I can have a look but with no guarantee.

If you don’t own already one, take a look at the links in the first post of this thread, (Pearl), there might be at the same or even a lower price…