Popp Z-rain

I’m thinking of buying the Z-rain. But first I want to check if it has the funcunality I am looking for.

I’m interested in rainstatistics. Therfore I would like the Z-rain to automaticly log the amount of rain directly into a spreadsheet (eg. Excel or Google sheets).

I this setup possible with Homey?

Yes, Popp rain sensor works very well. Only one things i can´t figure out, is how to reset “Total Rain”, but else it works as i should.
Made an flow if my garage port is open, then close it. :slight_smile:

Glad to here it is working.

But my question is if it is possible to log or transfer the rain data into a spredsheet?

I think your flow contain a useless condition.
When it’s started raining it can’t be already heavy raining.

I don’t try myself to reset the total rain. There is a setting but you have to wake up the device.

Yes it should be possible to show it in a spreadsheet. You could use the insights data, you can export them as csv or use this app

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Many thanks!


Nope, The flow works as it should. But to much. :laughing:

But i can see that you mean, and heavy rain is now gone from the flow.:shushing_face:

Hello :wink:
I made a flow “when star raining” -> “send notification”.
But I receive 4 notifications in a row each time! any idea why?

Don’t know why, but a workaround is at the IF part, if timer is not running and at the THEN part start Timer

Thanks @Marcel_Ubels i’ll try this !

How can I calculate mm rain/day ? I would like to automate my irrigation system and it shouldn’t turn on when the rain exceeds x mm during the last day. Also, what’s the difference between “rain meter” (m3) and “rain total” (mm)?

I think you should ask the developer.
Support info is to be found at the bottom of the app pages
For Popp, it is:

Did you solve this? I am about to buy, but need to know how to calculate daily rainfall too.

I did a Google search, it seems someone was successful in using a HA app called Utility meter.

But perhaps we can just do a simple flow adding the measurements every x minutes/1024 sec or so.

From the manual it also looks like the Rain Counter could be used, if there is a way to reset the counter by writing a value.

Parameter 1: Rain Counter

This values shows the total count of rain from the moment of inclusion in mm water level. By writing this value this counter can be reset.
Size: 2 Byte, Default Value: 0

FYI @fantross could you try?

Sorry @Homey2, but I can’t try it myself because I don’t own this sensor like I mentioned in the other thread.
But I got some information from my friend. So these are the available trigger flow cards (sorry, only in German):

image (2)

These are the available condition cards:
image (3)

And this is the device card:

My friend said, that the precipitation value (Niederschlag mm/h) will be reset after rain. All other values will be incremented further.

This method works only theoreticly.
Theoreticly you can send a Z-Wave raw command at 00:00 o’clock to reset the Rain Counter. But the problem is that the sensor is a battery powered device and it is only able to receive datas from Homey, when it’s awake. So if you send the Z-Wave raw command at 00:00 o’clock and the sensor isn’t awake, the Z-Wave raw command will be stored in Homey. When the sensor wakes up e.g. at 01:21 o’clock, the Z-Wave raw command will be send from Homey to the sensor and will reset the Rain Counter. After a certain time (I don’t know the exact time) the Z-Wave raw command in Homey will be deleted again, if it was not sent. So it is not controllable.

In my opinion the only possible way to calculate the daily rainfall in mm (precipitation) or (rain counter) is to use some variables and some flows:

If these values are to be displayed in a device, i.e. not only as numerical variables in the “More → Logic” section, you have to create a virtual device.

But please note: My information and statements are based only on a written exchange. It would be helpful if someone could confirm this who uses a Z-Rain with Homey himself.

@fantross I appreciate your help! Great to know that resetting Rain Counter is unreliable.

From the information you provided I am thinking of an alternative way as Rain Counter (manual says it is reset upon inclusion)

  1. Take the difference of Rain Counter in mm at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day
  2. Use logic to deal with a special case where Rain Counter is maximum 32000: eg when it starts with 31999 and ends as 1 (rainfall of 2 mm).
    Could this work?
    Would really appreciate additional comments from actual owners.

What is the problem with it? The device is usually included only at the first startup, and not after that. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you as well.

Indeed, I forgot the setting of the Rain Counter at the beginning of the day. I changed the flow already.

Do you think this is needed? If I have researched correctly, the average rainfall in Germany is about 600-800 mm/year. With a rainfall of 800 mm/year, it would therefore take 40 years to reach the value of 32.000.

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You may have a point :laughing:

Not a problem.