Popp Z-rain

I’m thinking of buying the Z-rain. But first I want to check if it has the funcunality I am looking for.

I’m interested in rainstatistics. Therfore I would like the Z-rain to automaticly log the amount of rain directly into a spreadsheet (eg. Excel or Google sheets).

I this setup possible with Homey?

Yes, Popp rain sensor works very well. Only one things i can´t figure out, is how to reset “Total Rain”, but else it works as i should.
Made an flow if my garage port is open, then close it. :slight_smile:

Glad to here it is working.

But my question is if it is possible to log or transfer the rain data into a spredsheet?

I think your flow contain a useless condition.
When it’s started raining it can’t be already heavy raining.

I don’t try myself to reset the total rain. There is a setting but you have to wake up the device.

Yes it should be possible to show it in a spreadsheet. You could use the insights data, you can export them as csv or use this app

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Many thanks!


Nope, The flow works as it should. But to much. :laughing:

But i can see that you mean, and heavy rain is now gone from the flow.:shushing_face:

Hello :wink:
I made a flow “when star raining” -> “send notification”.
But I receive 4 notifications in a row each time! any idea why?

Don’t know why, but a workaround is at the IF part, if timer is not running and at the THEN part start Timer

Thanks @Marcel_Ubels i’ll try this !

How can I calculate mm rain/day ? I would like to automate my irrigation system and it shouldn’t turn on when the rain exceeds x mm during the last day. Also, what’s the difference between “rain meter” (m3) and “rain total” (mm)?

I think you should ask the developer.
Support info is to be found at the bottom of the app pages
For Popp, it is: