Popp Z-rain meter - battery drains very fast

Anyone who owns a Popp Z-Rain meter, could you please inform me about your battery life of this device? I’m using this rain meter quit some time now, but the AAA batteries are drained within 2 weeks most of the time when it needs to report a lot.

Do you guys have the same? It’s not working like this to replace the batteries this soon every time, but maybe it’s something else causing this? I placed it on the roof of my garage (flat roof) and it takes some “hops” to get to the Homey Pro (2019) via my other Z-Wave devices;

Looking into this further and also checking the Popp Z-Rain specs, they say;

“The internal mechanics and electronics counts the rain level and will report it every about 4 minutes if and only if there is rain.”

Funny thing is, I have a flow that reports on “It started raining” and my Homey notifications look like this;


This does not correspond with the 4 minutes and I can imagine it will drain the battery sending so many triggers?

I have the Z-rain meter nd do not see this issue.
I change the battery once or twice a year.
Unfortunately I have no clue why you see this issue. My meter is about 20 m from the Homey2023, with a few routers nearby. Do you have any z-wave routers close to the meter?
Try exclude, factory reset and include it.

Yes see on top for the last working route. It uses the Z-Wave mesh via a Aeotec Smart Switch 7 and an Aeotec Range Extender 7.

This is since the beginning, using the Z-rain (May 2022). I also deleted and added the Z-Rain again to the Homey to see if this resolves the issues with the batteries but didn’t make any differences.

Could you check the Advanced Settings for me please? If you never changed them like myself, they should look like this;

I have the same settings.
I guess you already tested to remove battery for 10 minutes? Might help sometimes.
Maybe your devices is defect.

Yes, it was removed for 5 months because I was tired changing batteries :slight_smile: Changing takes also 5-10 minutes because I need a ladder to get to the Z-Rain :slight_smile:

Do you also have a flow with a pushmessage and/or notification in the logging when in started to rain? Curious if your Z-Rain also sends so many “YES and NO” messages when it’s raining.

No, no push messages.
I use the cards “It started raining” and “The rain changed” and updates some variables and show it on a display.
I just added a push message to the “The rain changed” card. Let’s see if it is triggered often. Currently we have -4 degrees Celsius so will not trigger today. :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated, thanks! “The rain changed” works normal at my side. Could you use the “It started/stopped raining” cards? These are the ones who trigger a lot when it rains overhere.

Schermafbeelding 2024-01-03 om 10.09.41

Another question I have; do you see a proper battery status on the Z-Rain? I never get an “almost empty” message/status. When I put new batteries, it shows the current percentage and that’s just it. I know when it’s empty next time it’s raining and I don’t receive information/push message anymore…

Rain end is at least 5 minutes after the begin in the list.

The battery level has never worked, just a question mark.

Rain end == It stopped raining? When yes, I have a defect unit I think, because my “It stopped raining” triggered last night already 4x in a row…

Rain end should trigger when the rain stopped.
So, looks like you have a faulty device.

If you are a bit handy you could rebuild it. :slight_smile:
I have not (yet) tried this myself but as it is a magnet moving back and forth you should be able to replace the HAL sensor in the Z-rain with any door sensor. And then you need to calibrate it; how much rain in mm one on/off means.

This trigger happy behavior is since the beginning. Never thought about a faulty device, and aimed at Homey maybe triggering to much. At the time I build a stopwatch in between so the push messages where snoozed instead of flooding my iPhone…

In the EU you should have warranty for 2 years. I also sent an email to Popp/ZWave Europe. Will let you know the outcome.

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I have had a reply from Z-Wave Europe. They say;

“Thank you for your inquiry. A running time of 2 weeks indicates a defect. Please check the wake-up interval setting. This should be 24 hours (86400 seconds). If this is the case, I suggest exchanging the device with your reseller.”

I’m now contacting the reseller in order to get the Z-Rain replaced because I never changed the default 24 hour wake-up interval. Hopefully it will be smooth replacement.

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