Danalock V3 - battery drainage

I am having trouble with my Danalock V3 (Z-wave/Bluetooth) draining the batteries really fast. Used 80% in a week.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
I am guessing it is being polled or that it is online more than it should somehow.

I am using the Homekit-app in Homey, and read somewhere that the Home app keeps polling for the status very often, but don’t know if that is true.
Have tried adding it first without Bluetooth, but reset it to get it included in the ios app (to check for new firmware). Drainage was fast in both scenarios, maybe even worse with only Z-wave active strangely.

I also needs to add that the lock is on the garage door, and that it is a little cold in Norway at the moment (-10 degrees Celsius).
Anyway, I did expect it to last more than a week.

Also bought the Danalock with Homey, and experiences the same thing. Someone who have a good solutions on this?

Had Danalock working for almost a year with Vera, and still over 80% battery left. 14 days with Homey and the battery is completely drained. Has to be something with Homey doing this.

I think it is a HomeKit issue. I also have the Bluetooth/Z Wave variant and that is not draining the battery at all. I have it for about a year now and the battery percentage is still 65%.

I actually just kept the batteries in, even if it said they where very low. I re-included the lock, turned off bluetooth, and just used it with Homey.
At the moment the battery percentage in the Homey app says 43%. When it is cold here (like -15 to -20 degrees Celsius), the capacity falls to 1-3% really fast, but the lock has kept working anyway.

So, I am not sure about this being a Homey issue anyway. At least not at the current version. Maybe some settings issue? I need to test it further, but have used the lock 3-4 months now, and the battery seems stable at the moment.

Hi Vinsj. Had Danalock three weeks now. The first week the battery went from 100%-56%, then i changed the “Battery Poll Interval” to 10080 (max i think) in advanced settings. Think it is still draining the battery to fast, but it is still at 47% after three weeks. Better, but not good enough, I think.

I use a Samsung Smartthings hub for z-wave connection to Danalock V3, but have the same problem: (reported) battery level going from 100% to 56% in 5 days. Can’t find a way to change polling interval in Smartthing hub though… Any advice?

Are you running the latest firmware for the lock (0.9.6)?

I recall older FW versions having issues with draining the batteries. For what it’s worth I don’t have any issues with the batteries in my V3 lock.

Got home today and the lock barely had power to unlock my door. I checked the battery in the Danalock app a few weeks ago and then it was at 99%.
I don’t remember if it was before or after the Homey update but before this battery drain the battery level have been on 99% since I bought the lock in June this year.

Does anybody else seen the same thing the last couple of weeks?

Hi at all.
I’m using a version of Danalock before the last, not homekit compatible but only z-wave.
Usually with Danalock app, I changed batteries one time on year, after arriving of Homey, useing with both app, every two months.
Maybe the reason it could be the use with both systems, but is better to hava a backup system to open the only one door of my appartment…
I solved all problems (olso the power and speed) electrifying the lock.
Hoping I had help someone.

I too was having this battery drain issue, so I decided to try to update the firmware.
I’ve put it into manual firmware mode, but I don’t have the newfirmware file, and now I can’t get it out of this mode (even if I take the batteries out or try to press the button 10 times).
Does anyone have the latest firmware file (0.17.15), or even the previous file (0.17.5)?
Or know how to get it out of this mode?

Hi. I am having the same issues. I have set the Battery Poll Interval to 10080 …
But battery went from 99% to 81% in 2 days…
I have only added my Danalock in Homey, i do not use the Danalock app.
I have synced Homey to Google Home, but i doubt that is affecting anything.
Anyone that have any tips?