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Danalock v3 no battery status

I have sinds few days Danalock v3 and included in Homey but there is no battery status in homey.
Danalock has a latest firmware and battery status working in app from danalock.

Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.13-rc.11
Distance to Homey is not more than 2m

Already reincluded danalock in Homey with no luck.

What version of the app are u using?

Sorry forgot to say that
v2.0.3 - 04.11.17 beta

No issue with me using Danalock V3 with latest version. Try recalibrate it.

Mine doesn’t show battery status either. Lock status doesn’t seem to be 100% accurate as well.

How about dana app status. Is it accurate?
If not. You can resolve it by calibration.

Still no luck.
I have deleted lock from homey, dana app and also factory reset the lock.
Then included lock again in homey and again no battery status.
Calibration didn’t help also
In dana app i can see battery status

Today i get replacement dana lock and again no battery status.
Now i can say for sure that the problem is not lock it self but homey or app.
Any idea?