Philips Hue ZigBee Remote Battery Drain

Hi All,

I have recently setup a new homey fresh install. 2 months ago.
I use Philips Hue ZigBee Dimmer Remotes direct with Homey Pro.

I put new Duracell batteries in all my remotes and started to build my ZigBee network.
First starting with ZigBee extenders from IKEA. Then starting with remotes closest to Homey Pro, 1 at a time.

I quickly started to notice the remotes going red on touch within a week or two of use, so I reset and paired them again.

Now 2 months later. 6 of 8 of the remotes have dead batteries. So massive drain and most of them have had limited usage. Maybe 30-60 clicks.

Reading the below article, it looks like their was updates pushed to the ZigBee protocol that may cause devices to not go into low power mode.

Keen to understand if this is the case with others or Homey guys can confirm if the new ZigBee protocol is running on latest update.

I am also running latest firmware on the Hue Dimmer Switches too. :wink:

The issue isn’t with the protocol, the issue is with the devices, at least according to Reddit. But the main issue seems to be just people having a bad Zigbee network.

I’m running the latest Zigbee stack for my controller (not Homey), have a lot of remotes (including IKEA remotes with outdated firmware, which according to Reddit should be completely broken), and don’t have any battery drain issues.

But to answer your question: because of Homey’s outdated Zigbee hardware, I doubt that it’s running the latest version of Z-Stack (which is the manufacturer’s Zigbee implementation), or even any recent version, simply because the hardware is too limited. But only Athom will be able to tell with certainty which Zigbee stack runs on Homey.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your input. Hopefully others or Homey team can add to the conversation.

Out of interest, what controller are you running for ZigBee?


The Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 dongle (with zigbee2mqtt).

Hi @GaryOz,
if you can tell med what Product ID (Zigbee info) your dimmers have I’ll have a look at the code of my app to see if there is anything I can to do mitigate this problem.

Thanks @johan_bendz

Product Id: RWL021

App Diags (running experimental version)

Hi @GaryOz,
I can’t find anything in the code that should render this issue, but your report indicates one (or more) device(s) does not receive Homeys response to an action triggered by the remote. This could potentially mean the device is not aware Homey have received the command making it unnecessarily “chatty”, thus draining the battery… but this is a long shoot… a wild guess…

Try mitigate this issue by adding the device again, Homey should say it is already added. Than can potentially “heal” the device.

Thanks mate. Will do.
Gonna pair the remotes back to Hue Bridge for a few days to get latest firmware again and will try setup them fresh again.

If they go again quickly, will revert to Hue Bridge pairing instead. These batteries aren’t cheap :joy::rofl::joy: