Popp Z-rain sensor / App measures incorrect?


Has anyone experience with the Popp Z-rain device and the APP ?

I have bought this Popp Z-rain rain sensor, but to my opinion it measures incorrect values. In short time after it starts to rain it already tells me 7 mm rain has fallen !?
(A local weather station display ie. only 1 or 1,5 mm)
This device works with a internal ‘tipping bucket, btw.

Has anyone also this rain sensor from popp and the APP (i use version v1.1.7 by M. Ruiter) ?

Is there a solution to adjust the correct values ?

(There are some settings possible in the app, but i do not know if there is a way to change the value .)

I’ve got the same Z-rain sensor few days ago.
So I haven’t got much experience yet, to answer your questions…
However, I would like to know if you still use the sensor, and if you got wiser by now?
Please share you knowledge…