POPP Z-weather

The beta app does report temperature, humidity and brightness, but wind velocity is not visible.
Please advice.

Hi @Etienne_Stouten,

Have you had any progress on this issue?
I have the Z-weather sensor but on the old Homey firmware I only had 1 or two values, temp and humidity I think it was. Did the Version 2 improve sensor readings at all?

At the moment I de-installed the sensor since I needed it for wind readings and this didn’t work. :frowning:

No progress on this Z-weather sensor item.
I haven’t install V2 yet.
I let you know when I have results.

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This is really a very helpful post.

Unfortunately, no wind speed no dew point and no pressure are transmitted!
Unfortunately for me with this restriction the device is useless.

homey version 2.0.2
Popp App Version 2.0.6

Are there any efforts to update the app?

Did you contact the devolper of the Popp app?

How I can go in contact with the developer?
Are the devs not a port of the homey community?

well if you look on the provided link in my post above, you would come on the app pages… and when you look there ………………you would find a name (1) a github page (2) even a report button (3) lot of option i guess.

and even when you use the search option on the forum, and search op popp you find a topic where the devolper is mentiond by name.

But i understand is easier to ask then to invest a few minutes to find it by yourself :joy::joy: so maybe just maybe you should ask @MarcoRuiter

you cant expect a devolper is going to read every single topic on the forum, to search for questions about their own app.

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Even Batman needed the Bat signal …

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Dear @MarcoRuiter first at all thanks for creating the Popp App. I would be wonderful if also the missing values would be reported to Homey. Especially the wind strength. Are there any general problems with this values or it’s just a bug?

Indeed, bought the popp weather to get wind speed Warnings but no reported Numbers. Any plan for future updates?

Dit you get Any Update?

Hi, i solved it by cloning the repository and fault trace based on what i got from the sensor. I now have all the sensor values reported and have asked the app developer to contact me to publish it…
Bought the rain sensor from popp as well. Similar issues, now reporting on my Local installation…:wink:

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Unfortunately I didn’t recive an answer from @MarcoRuiter. So I am not sure if the developer is still active.
If I get it right, @Per_Iveslatt fixed already the problem, the effort for the dev is only update the app!?

I’m not active on the forums only on slack . I asked if I could get the changed code on git or somewhere I did not receive it so it’s hard to push it on GitHub and AppStore then.

Can you share the changes code here ? Then I get it in mail also

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Hi, I Will share it as soon as I have some time. I havn’t put a lot of effort on flow Cards yet, just the most important ones.

Great if you tag me on here I get a mail or if you prefer a GitHub pull is also great . Also really busy atm and mostly gone from home .
I’m almost never here on the forum only when I get tagged

Any progres Marco?