Popp rain sensor does not display battery status

Battery status it not being displayed, it just shows a questionmark, ”?”.
I have tried to exclude/include rain sensor but no success. Is this a know problem and is there a fix for this?
Using Popp app V3.2.9
Homey sw 10.3.0


For how long did you wait? It can take many hours before battery info gets shown (for any sensor).
Just wait :relieved:

It is 3 days since start.

sön 25 feb. 2024 kl. 20:23 skrev :netherlands: Homey Pro 2019 Classic via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

Oh hehe, that’s long enough😊
In that case I think you’d contact the developer.
You’ll find support links @ the homey.app store app page.

OK, thanks!