Homey pro does not show battery status from Home Assistant (official app)

Due to the lack of compatibility, i had to add all of my z-wave devices to Home Assistant and integrated it with the official app to my Homey Pro. It works somehow, but the battery level is always shown as 100% in Homey Pro althoug this is not true.

Home Assistant:

Homey Pro:

What can i do to get the correct battery level in Homey?

It looks like the “official” app doesn’t support battery levels at all, so you’ll have to contact Athom and ask them to add support for it. Or check and see if the community HA app works better.

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When the official app does not support it at all, why does it show the battery level?

Its also very strange, that it shows it differntly in the browser and in the app.



From what I can see in the app code, it will add the measure_battery capability to devices it imports from Home Assistant, and then never update the actual value.

Like Robert advised already, just install

(nothing gets lost, it is installed next to the Athom app), and check it out. I use it since the first versions, and it’s a very stable & versatile app. The official app is very basic imho.

Here’s an Aqara sensor per HA community app, there’s even a voltage sensor:

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