POPP Z-weather

nope did not receive any code yet

@Per_Iveslatt ?

Hi, Will provide asap, travelling… sorry for the delay!

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Any news yet?

The sun comes out slowly and it gets warmer and warmer. :sunny: It would be nice to have the awnings moved automatically when the wind comes up! :smile:

Thank you for your time and affort!

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Are you going on a world tour?

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Would be great to get it working

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the hope dies last :thinking:


I shared the code with another user in the forum in order for him to install it locally. Reason I havn’t pushed it is because I think it would
be good to do some “cleaning” of events/triggers I havn’t implemented.

If someone is happy doing this based on some information I can give you I’m happy to share.


I am considering to buy Z-weather, mainly to control awnings based on luminance, wind and temperature. But I will wait until there is full Homey support.

Z-Waether only knows 0% and 100% (Night and Day)

Not very useful for control awnings.

Please consider, If not mounted in the shade, the temperature in direct sunlight is at least 10 degrees too high!

You are right, Wind, Pressure and Dew Point still missing! :sleepy:

Hi Per,
I see that you also updated the code for the Z-rain. Could you perhaps share this. Real pity it isn’t working now and mine is just standing futile after buying it. I could try and look into it myself, but why re-invent the wheel… :slight_smile: I would be more than happy to test and provide some feedback.

is the z-weather wind working now?

No, unfortunately not! :unamused::sleepy:

Any news? Did the person you send it to already test it?
Can either one of you please share the code (here) for the z-rain?

I am working on it. I should get the Z-Weather on Wednesday. Already received the Z-Rain

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Great. Thx a lot

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thx :+1:

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What App Version?!
It‘s already available at App Store?

nope not in the app store but soon

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Is everuything OK now? I want this sensor if it works:star_struck:

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