POPP Z-Rain rain alert problem

Hi guys,

i’m having a little problem with my Z-Rain device. I want from Homey to create a notification when rain starts and stops, so i created these flows:

When: It started raininig.
Then: Create notification with <some_text>

When: It stopped raininig
Then: Create notification with <some_different_text>

The problem it that everytime the rain starts or stops, i got multiple notifications. What am i donig wrong?


I don’t have a POPP Z-Rain in use, but maybe the first and last single raindrops are recognized several times as “It starts to rain” or “It has stopped raining”.
Then the flow is triggered each time and you will receive several notifications.
Similar to a temperature sensor. Every change in temperature, e.g. above 26 °C, triggers the flow.

Possible solutions are to use a timer or set a variable.

It’s not sending alert about every drop but, instead, it has a little bin inside and ‘rain started’ alert should be send when the bin is filled and emptied for the first time.

Okay, I get it. I’m using the Netatmo rain sensor but I don’t have a “when it starts raining” trigger. I can only choose:
If “The precipitation has changed”.
So I can’t reconstruct your flow, sorry.

What I just remembered is that I also get 2 push messages when a special flow is triggered. I’m not sure, but I suspect that is since the iOS update to version 4.1.2.
Do you also use iOS or Andriod?

Android. For me, it looks like a bug either in POPP app or Homey, i will try to contact the app author. Thanks.

Hi. I’m also getting double notification when rains start or stop. Hopefully it’s just a bug.

I created an issue on github of POPP app author, pls comment there that you have the same problem so he will take it more seriously, thank you:

Hi guys,

i tried to bypass this problem by creating boolean variable ‘Rain’ and this flow:

When: It started raining
And: Logic: ‘Rain’ is equal to ‘no’
Then: Logic: Set ‘Rain’ to ‘Yes’ AND Create notification with ‘It started raining’

and… no luck!! I got two notifications, both in the same second. :frowning: