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Raining alert once in 30 minutes

Hi Fellow Homey User,

I need help with a flow to notify me only once in 30 minutes. See my flow below.

What happened is im getting notification almost every minute when drizzling.

Please advise.

Thank you

Which water sensor are u using as a rain detector?
I’m curios as I’ve not had luck with one that works well without draining the battery fast…

Create a better logic variable,
name it notification or something. Either a boolean or number,
then set the variable to true or as the example below, i increment it 1 time. And the flow will stop once it notify me twice that the ziptrak is closed.

You then need to create another flow to reset the better logic variable when u open the ziptrak for e.g…
Or in your case, every 30mins, set variable to 0 or false…

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Im using Aeotec water sensor but app from automate Asia. Works fine with me.

Found a countdown timer app and this resolved my problem.

Thank you

I also use a counter for counting 15minutes for raindetection by “buienalarm”
Setting the counter when rain is detected

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Or if u use the candy app, u can use the card “this flow is ran in the last 30mins”…
much cleaner than the timer Unless u need to trigger an action on timeout…

you can also set a card turn off flow followd by a turn on flow card with a timer on it. I this case the flow turns itself off after doing the jobs and goes back on after 30min waiting. No need for extra apps this way.