"It won't rain the next .. minutes"

My Velux windows are controlled by Homey. If it starts to rain, they close to 30%. If the rain stops, they restore to the position before it started to rain. Works flawlessly, but…

If the rain stops briefly and it starts again in a couple of minutes the windows keep opening and closing.
So, I would like to have a condition like “It won’t rain the next … minutes”, but am stuck in finding a solution.

Any ideas?


Perhaps use the Open Weather app.

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And, it will always be a assumption :stuck_out_tongue:

try with Openweather - OpenWeather App for Homey | Homey - you can add hourly forecast, eg. forecast in next +4 hours - I’m using it as thunderstorm alert, eg. to disconnect some appliances…

Not sure it Arie means map itself, but probably a typo.


Btw, just small curiosity, I don’t know how Openweather is doing it BUT - my local rain sensor (updated each 6 min) is SLOWER then the actual weather state reported by Openweather :wink: I don’t get it.

Thanks for the suggestions, will give it a try!

You could disable the flow and enable it after xxx minutes. This way my lights in the livingroom respond to the lux, otherwise you get the same as your windows.

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Unfortunately (…) it’s part of an Advanced Flow, so disabling it will result in other parts of that flow also not being active.

In that case you can use a True/False variable

I made four advanced flows, first flow with the conditions, second flow light on, third flow lights off and firth flow with the disable and enable conditions. In my case i disable the second flow and enable it after 15 minutes

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I would suggest a cool down period with a timer instead of disabling a flow.

Tried Openweather App, but couldn’t get it to work (even after entering my payment details).

I found the App Buienalarm that does what I need: it has trigger and condition cards that I can use in my flows.

Thanks for all the input!