Wanting to create cool window flow in homey but dont know how

I was browsing reddit and someone made a really cool automation.
I want to recreate this in homey but dont know how.

Automation is:

I live in a low humidity area with a mild climate. It gets up to 80-90 in the day in the summer time, but down to 50-60 at night.

I setup a temperature sensor outside(In homey this could be weather-temperature), and one in several rooms around the house, as well as a window contact sensor in those rooms.

When the outside temperature drops below the inside temperature, I get an alert to open the windows if they are closed.

If it’s hotter outside than inside and the window is open, I get an alert to close the window.

Alerts are reversed in the winter (open when it’s hotter outside, close when colder outside).

Could you guys point me in the right direction?

You only need to follow what you have written.
Flow for the summer (the months are only examples): if the temperature outside is higher than inside and the window is still open, then notification:

Maybe you’re having trouble with the logic card:

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Thanks for the layout, got the basics working like this.

I made the outside temperature a variable, because i’m not able to select it in the IF card.
I trigger IF when variable changes so was receiving notifications every 5 minutes because i check the variable every 5 minutes.
Due to this I added a WHEN, i’m home, based on BLE beacon detection.

However, this still means that i’m getting lots of notifications when i’m home…
Is this solvable?

I have the same thing. You can also do math in the logic cards. I’ve added 1 degree. So if the inside temperature + 1 more than outside: notify me.

To avoid multiple notifications make a variable that monitors if a notification has already sent out.

WHEN variable changed AND i am home THEN…

That doesn’t solve @Onno’s problem that he gets a lot of notifications when he is home :wink:

Well, that’s just a matter of “AND i am not home”.

This will work, I’ll be configuring it this afternoon.

Instead of reverse in winter you can also consider to link it to the inside temperature. That way you are also covered for cold summer days…
Open window when its hotter outside AND temperature inside is below 20Cg
Open window when its colder outside AND temperature inside is above 20C
You can even replace the 20C setting by a virtual thermostate. So you can control when the window. Should open
(The virtual Thermostate can also handle humidity :slight_smile:)

Great ideas.
The basics are working smoothly right now.
Thank you all!

Great ideas!

If I want to use the outside temperature in a card, where can I find that as a trigger or a tag? I see it in my Homey Dashboard:
Schermafbeelding 2020-08-06 om 11.17.03
but can’t locate the tag.

The tag is in “Logica” under “Weer”, you can select it in a flow with IF & AND

It isn’t there by default in the WHEN card.
Therefore I made my own numerical variable “Buitentemperatuur”
To fill this variable i made a flow that
WHEN “every 5 minutes”
THEN "Set variable “Buitentemperatuur” to “Weer - Temperatuur ©”

I thus use the Variable "Buitentemperatuur as a trigger in the WHEN card.

Thanks Onno. That is a good workaround. Will try that.

Could you please post a sceen shot. In ‘Logica’ I do not see it.

You have to select it when you create a flow. You can also see it in https://insights.homey.app (probably on of the last items in the list on the left)

It’s not selectable in the WHEN card (first card) only in the AND card.
The WHEN card has only the following Logica entrys to chose from:
Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 13.02.01
In the A variable has changed card only your own variables are selectable.

That’s why I created the variable as a workaround.

Yep, not in the WHEN section. Got it working now, using a variable.

Thanks guys!