Regulate flow based on outside temp

Hi, I`m new to this forum so sorry if there exist something on this allready or if this is the wrong place in the forum.

I have 4 different flows to controll the temp in my apartment.
One for the night, one for the mornings, one when I`m at the office and one for the weekends. This okay but it is a hassel to change the temp on all the devices in every flow each time the temp outside goes up or down…

So is there any way to get the app to adjust the temp on all the flows based on what the temp is outside?

is it also possible to collect the flows together or is that to much to ask?

Something like this.

Homey has an outside temperature tag available (but you can pick a weather app, or a sensor ouside the house).

I use the Homey tag Weather - [Temperatuur °C]

First we need to create a numeric variable, I named it [OutsideTemperature_Saved]

That way, we can make calculations and store the results in the NumVar.

Trigger flow:
(Note the delay in the cards following a calculation card. This because the calc has to be made, and Homey doesn’t wait for an action card to be completed)


An outside temperature driven flow.


Not sure what you mean here

It`s a gamble to realy on a weather app as they never are 100% so think I will buy this one: Telldus Termometer og hygrometer for Tellstick - Smarte temperatursensor |

Do you have that guide in english?

What I meant with the last question is that I now have 4 different flows based on the time of day and whay day it is… I`t would be great if it was possible to merge these together.

If I read it well you are now setting the temperatures inside the flows?!
I suggest to start with replacing the temperature setting with a variable. (So 1st create variables in logic, then add in the flow)
I expect multiple devices can have the same temperature setting, so you probably need just a few variables.

This will already simplify the changing of temperature settings.

Next step can be to define set the variables using flows.

Ah I see. It’s a sort of mindset of many users, to try to use as little flows as possible.
@ Homey most of the time you just need multiple flows for quite simple tasks, it is what it is.
Some have over 800 flows, which doesn’t seem to have a great impact on performance or memory usage.
I try to create a folder for each set of flows, or I “group” them by using a code in front of the flowname.
L1-4 stands for ‘category Lights’, flow 1 of 4.
The sort system groups them together.